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How many 2023 movies will pass $100M?

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Surprised there didn't seem to be a thread for this beyond general discussion threads.


Last week the head of AMC said he predicted up to 30 movies would pass $100M this year (Adam Aron Couldn’t Stop Talking About Popcorn on AMC Q4 Earnings Call | IndieWire) but will he be right? Would be fun to guess how many movies will end up hitting the mark in this continued recovery year.


Ant-Man already gives us 1 and Creed will be passing the mark shortly to give us 2. M3GAN won't get there unfortunately unless the studio pulls double feature shenanigans with it over the next few months.

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1. Ant man

2. Creed

3. John Wick

4. Mario

5. Guardians

6. Fast X

7. Little Mermaid 

8. Spiderverse 


10. The Flash

11. M:I Dead Reckoning

12. Indy 5

13. Dune

14. The Marvels

15. Aquaman 



Strong contenders (I think the ones in bold are gonna do it)

16. Scream VI
17. Shazam

18. Dungeons and Dragons 

19. The Boogeyman 

20. Elemental

21. Openheimer

22. Barbie

23. Haunted Mansion 

24. The Meg 2

25. Ninja Turtles 

26. Blue Beetle

27. Equalizer 3

28.The Nun 2

29. Kraven

30. Trolls 3

31. Hunger Games

32. Wish

33. Wonka

34. Ducks


RN,  I predict 28, but there could be a few surprises, so 30 is possible.

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Posted (edited)

I'm thinking among titles coming out for the rest of the year by month:


March: John Wick will do it and Scream is a strong contender depending on how big it opens and what its legs are like. Shazam! waiting until closer to release to get an idea. Dungeons & Dragons, nope. 1-3.

April: 1. Super Mario only.

May: the big 3 (Guardians, Fast, Little Mermaid), obviously

June: easily 5 (Spider-Man, Transformers, The Flash, Elemental, Indiana Jones). Possibly 6 if No Hard Feelings is a breakout.

July: Mission: Impossible is locked; not locked yet but very strong bets: Barbie, Oppenheimer, Haunted Mansion. 4.

August: Waiting for more movies from this month to start their marketing campaigns, but maybe Blue Beetle? Will make that 1 for now.

September: No idea. Both previous Equalizers barely hit $100M and the last one was five years ago, so might finish just shy of the mark this time. 0 for now.

October: Unlikely to be the final schedule, but if Dune or something else from November moves here that's easily 1. Waiting to see if Kraven is another Morbius. Doubt that Exorcist sequel does it, especially if it ends up of similar quality to Halloween Kills/Ends. Waiting to see actual footage from Gareth Edwards' True Love to have an idea of what to expect. 0 for now.

November: Unlikely to be final but for now based on the movies there I'll say 5 (Dune, The Marvels, Hunger Games, Trolls, Wish).

December: For now, 3 (Wonka, Ducks, Aquaman). Doubt The Color Purple makes it given recent performances of Broadway adaptations. Ghostbusters is likely not making this year with no casting/filming news.


So just shy of 30, depending on a bunch of unknowns and potential surprises.

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