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SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE | 309.3M overseas | 690.6M worldwide

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Just was looking through the INT OWs of ITSV, and excluding China I calculated a number of 25.8m (excluding Russia), which is crazy because just Australia OW and Mexico OW are looking to beat that number.

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2 minutes ago, Spidey Freak said:


Whatever. Higher than the 0.00 we were expecting just a month back 😛 


I'm really curious now as to how NWH would have performed in China. Do they have ANY Spidey nostalgia at all?


FFH grossed $200 million in China, so that was the conservative target for NWH had it gotten an ideal release date. Legs probably would have been poor since NWH had noticeably worse ratings compared to FFH.

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Time to make a forecast before it comes out


The first made 190M in North America, 60M in China and 120M in the rest of the world


For the second I expect 275/325M in North America, 50M in China (hopefully a bit more) and 250M in the rest of the world

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2.661 / 24 sites - Paris 14 hours (Previous one was 1.109)


Recent release - 

4.678 / 22 sites - Sing 2

3.426 / 25 sites - Mario

3.163 / 21 sites - PiB2

2.493 / 16 sites - Demon Slayer 

1.000 / 20 sites - Super-Pets

  .964 / 14 sites - Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 

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