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SURVIVOR MUSHROOM KINGDOM Episode Three: "Toad's Garden"

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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Reddroast @Rorschach @Wrath


Toad: Welcome to my garden! Normally I’d show you all the mushrooms I grow, but now’s not a really good time because it’s currently overrun by Dry Bones!

Toadette: But that’s not the only problem—my wiggler won’t wake up! I need some helping hands who can wake my wiggler up!

SLAM!: Welp. Looks like some would-be bone rattlers will instead be helping Toadette wake up her Wiggler. Please take a moment to decide which task you’ll be helping with today.


The Koopas convene.

Morieris: I want to slay zombies!

The Dark Alfred: Yeah, man—make love, not war, unless you’re a zombie, maaaan.

 Goldenhour36: About that…

Rorschach: Wait—are you thinking about doing the wiggler thing?

Goldenhour36: Yeah. It’s in my blood to grind—gotta earn that money.

DAJK: Good luck, Copperhour36.

Goldenhour36: What was that, DAJK?

DAJK: Huh, I didn’t say anything.



Confessional – Goldenhour36: I think now’s the time to stake my claim in this game. Someone voted for me two tribals ago, so I can’t let my guard down.


The Goombas convene.

JJ-8: I’m doing Wiggler Wallop!

Wrath: That’s nice. (lights cigarette)

JJ-8: No, don’t just say “that’s nice!” I want someone to do it with me!

Jack Sparrow: I’d go with you, best friend, but I’m really hankering for some combat.

JJ-8: Understandable. What about you, Blacksad?

DetectiveAI: No thanks.

JJ-8: That leaves you, Agafin. You’re doing Wiggler Wallop and I’m not taking no for an answer!

Agafin: I, um, kinda don’t want to.

JJ-8: Too bad!

JJ-8 drags Agafin away, while Ethan Hunt watches from behind a tree.


Confessional – Ethan Hunt: I intentionally hid from JJ-8 so he wouldn’t ask me.


The Pokeys convene.

Cap: I’m fine just beating up some Dry Bones.

Fancyarcher: I concur.

elcaballero: You know what? I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and do Wiggler Wallop.

Reddroast: Not cuz you’re scared of the Dry Bones—right?

elcaballero: Nooooooooo. 👀

Asyulus: (cracks knuckles) It’s the underdog’s time to shine. I’m doing Wiggler Wallop!

Cap: You do that.


Confessional - elcaballero: I feel like a bad leader doing Wiggler Wallop, but I trust the other to do a good job fighting those Dry Bones.




The Dry Bone Dilemma players face a field where a bunch of Dry Bones are.

Toad: Please get these Dry Bones out of my garden, okay?

Morieris: Let’s go, Koopas!

Ethan Hunt: Go get ‘em, Goombas.

Cap: Now or never, Pokeys!

Toad: Ready, set, go!


Everyone rushes in and starts beating up the Dry Bones.


Morieris: Quick! Karate chop it!

DAJK: Chop!

(A dry bones’ head flies into Alfred’s hands.)

The Dark Alfred: Go long, man!

(Alfred throws it to Rorschach.)

Rorschach: KICK! (he kicks it)


Wrath: Oh no…

(Wrath gets swarmed.)

DetectiveAI: I’m working up a sweat!

Ethan Hunt: At least I got F.L.U.D.D. off my back before this.

Jack Sparrow: Here’s one!


Jack Sparrow tries to slay one with a rapier, but Fancyarcher gets to it first with his fancy fencing sword.

Jack Sparrow: Hey, that was mine!

Fancyarcher: Oh yeah?

They spar!

Cap: Um, Fancyarcher? We have a competition to win!

Reddroast: About that…

Cap: Hey! Where are you going!

Reddroast: This is too exhausting. I’m going to go buy a mushroom.




Reddroast walks into Wario’s Warehouse.

Wario: Wario waaaaah!

Waluigi: Waaaaaah! Customer service!

Reddroast: Um, one mushroom please.

Wario: Wario waaaaah!

Reddroast: I know I’m short one coin, but can you hook me up just this once?

Waluigi: Waaaaah! Customer service!



Confessional – Reddroast: If I can’t get a mushroom, then what do I do?

Confessional – The Dark Alfred: Dang, he’s a bigger junkie than I am, and that’s saying something.




Toadette: Welcome to Wiggler Wallop. It’s time to wake my wiggler up. But woke wigglers get angry so please be careful.

JJ-8: Boop it on the nose! BOOP.

Goldenhour36: You’re braver than I am…

JJ-8: It's because I used a Red Mushroom. Yay! 

Agafin: Um… Wake up, please.

Asyulus: Nah, you have to say it louder, with confidence.

Goldenhour36: Let’s see this confidence, if you have what it takes.

Asyulus: (hypes himself up) Okay… WAKE UP, WIGGLER!

A moment of silence… It’s still sleeping.

elcaballero: Talk about a weary wormy.

Wiggler wakes up, beet red, looking angry.

Agafin: I don’t think it likes that nickname.

elcaballero: What nickname? Weary wormy?

Wiggler blows smoke out of its nostrils.

elcaballero: OH MY GAH.

Wiggler chases elcaballero away.

Toadette: Thanks for waking my wiggler up! You four players will receive double the amount of coins you would have otherwise earned (but elcaballero loses half of his coins).

JJ-8: Yay!

Agafin: Phew.

Goldenhour36: Alrighty.

Asyulus: Awesome.




SLAM!: All right! Let’s see the results:




Rorschach - 82.95%

The Dark Alfred - 77.66%

Goldenhour56 - 70.75%

DAJK - 70.71%

Morieris - 53.23%

Tribe Average - 71.06%


Morieris: We're zombie slayers! Yeah!




JJ-8 - (70.74% + 3%) - 73.74%

Ethan Hunt - 70.49%

DetectiveAI - 67.81%

Agafin - 64.47%

Jack Sparrow - 62.69%

Wrath - 44.37%

Tribe Average - 63.93%


Wrath: (gulps)




Fancyarcher - 67.69% (individual immunity winner)

Cap - 64.99%

Asyulus - 59.11%

elcaballero - 54.54%

Reddroast - 0.00% (dns)


Cap: Reddroast?! Why didn't you predict?!

Reddroast: I didn't have a shroom...

Asyulus: Huh?!

Fancyarcher: Someone not submitting for the third week in a row... 😥


SLAM!: Looks like the Pokeys are headed to Tribal Council, where another Pokey will be voted out. @Reddroast this is your freebie, but next time you do not submit weekend predictions, you will be eliminated.


















- Dry Bone Dilemma players cannot access The Wild Wiggler.

- Wiggler Wallop players cannot access The Pipe Frame.

- elcaballero is too afraid of Wiggler to access The Wild Wiggler; still cannot access The Pipe Frame.





(Wario's Warehouse | Tribal Council | Weekend Challenge)


Wario's Warehouse

The Warehouse is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Red Mushroom - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate.)

Poison Mushroom - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Bob-omb - 6 Coins (Pick a 5% range (ex. 65–70%); everyone within that range falls by 5%.)

Double Cherry - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - you can only use one per tribal

Warp Pipe - 7 Coins (Copy another player's average score and use it as your own.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!


Coin Totals


Ways to Earn Coins:

- Highest Score out of Everyone (5)*

- Highest Score on a 1st Place Tribe (5)*

- Highest Score on a 2nd place tribe (4)*

- Highest Score on a 3rd place tribe (3)*

- Score higher than the highest scorer on the 3rd place tribe (3)*

- Your tribe gets 1st or 2nd place (2) 

- Save Yourself from Elimination at Tribal (5)*

- Win Second Immunity (3)*

Vote for the one who goes home (1) 

- Survive Tribal Council (1)

* = I do not combine most earnings. If you are the highest scorer of the 1st place tribe, then I do not combine that with "being on the 1st place tribe," so you would earn 5 coins, not seven. If you save yourself from elimination and also vote for whoever goes home, you would earn 5 coins, not six. And so on. Let me know if you have any questions.


DAJK - 17

Fancyarcher - 16

Agafin - 15

DetectiveAI - 15

Goldenhour36 - 15

Rorschach - 15

JJ-8 - 14

Asyulus - 13

Cap - 12

Ethan Hunt - 12

Jack Sparrow - 11

Wrath - 11

The Dark Alfred - 11

Morieris - 10

elcaballero - 7



Sorry Pokeys, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a message with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



Air: Courting a Legend

The Covenant

Evil Dead Rise

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due by Tuesday, April 25th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change it by Wednesday if you change your mind.)


Good luck to all of the Pokeys!




Here's the films you'll predict three-day weekend grosses for next week:

Are you There God? It's Me, Margaret

Big George Foreman

The Covenant

Evil Dead Rise

Polite Society*


The Super Mario Bros. Movie


* = Whoever gets the most accurate Polite Society prediction will secretly receive a brand new item...


Predictions are due by Thursday, April 27th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


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On 4/25/2023 at 11:28 AM, Morieris said:

Showing up is half the battle!

Well, 44% in my case. Which turned out to be enough!


I knew it'd be a busy week so I threw together some super-fast predicts really early on Monday or whatever, just so that I'd have SOMETHING down. Figured I'd come back and revise them later in the week. Never ended up getting a chance, so I'm glad I at least got those in!

Edited by Wrath
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@Asyulus @Cap @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Reddroast




The Pokeys enter.

SLAM!: Welcome back to the Tribal Council area, where one of you will become the third player eliminated from Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom. It's time to vote.


Everyone votes.


SLAM!: If anyone has an advantage and you would like to use it, now would be the time to do so.

Cap: (cocks an eyebrow)

elcaballero: (bites nails)

Reddroast: (snores)

SLAM!: Alrighty. Here's who won second immunity:


CAP with 93.84%!


Confessional - Cap: It's nice to get a win every once in a while!


SLAM!: First vote:


Cap (self-vote)


SLAM!: Second vote:


elcaballero (self-vote)


SLAM!: Third vote:


Reddroast (self-vote)


SLAM!: Fourth vote:




Reddroast: (wakes up) Huh?


SLAM!: Third player voted out of Survivor Mushroom Kingdom




SLAM!: That's three, that's enough, please bring me your torch.

(Reddroast frowns and brings the torch to SLAM!.)

SLAM!: Reddroast? The tribe has spoken.

(SLAM! snuffs the torch.)

Reddroast: Bye! (leaves)


Confessional - Reddroast: That'll teach me not to trifle with mushrooms. This is as good an anti-drug PSA as any!


SLAM!: Good night, Pokeys...


Confessional - elcaballero: I have a gut feeling that soon enough, Reddroast will no longer be the only one poisoning players with poison mushrooms!


Post-Tribal Story Content


@The Dark Alfred walks out of camp for a breath of fresh air.


???: Psst. You got a minute?

A hooded figure walks toward The Dark Alfred and removes his hood.

The Dark Alfred: Woah. Are you my doppelgänger?

???: Not just any doppelgänger. I'm The Regular Alfred. It's nice to meet you!

The Dark Alfred: Why's there a Regular Alfred?

The Regular Alfred: You're in a Nintendo world, and that means there's Regular and Dark variations of certain characters. Regular Link, Dark Link. Regular Samus, Dark Samus. Regular Pit, Dark Pit. You get the drill.

The Dark Alfred: Gnarly, man. 

The Regular Alfred: The Dark Versions of all the other survivors are planning an ambush. Their goal is to overtake their Regular Versions to become the Main Version of their corresponding individual. But because you're a defective Dark Version, that means you have the power to put a stop to their dastardly plan.

The Dark Alfred: Excellent. Thanks for letting me know.

The Regular: No problem! #goodcommunication

The Alfreds give a thumbs up to the camera.






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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @DetectiveAl @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach @Wrath




A button appears on the floor.


If eight players ground-pound the button,

a random player from The Goomba Squad

will be sent to The Pokey Squad.

The random Goomba Squad member will

become a permanent Pokey Squad member.


The random player will be given a

Yellow Question Block with an item inside.


This would even up the tribes—

five, five and five on each one.


This would be the only swap event

before week seven's mergatory event.


To vote,

please send me

one of two messages—

"I ground-pound the button"

or "I abstain"—

along with your

Weekend Challenge Predictions

(due Thurs. 11:59 PM PST or

before Thursday Preview Numbers).


Forgetting to vote means

you vote for "I abstain."


All votes will be made public.


The button is patiently waiting

to be ground-pounded...


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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach @Wrath


Princess Daisy: Chop! Punch! Kick! Oh, you caught me practicing martial arts! Nice! Now send those weekend challenge predictions and your choice to ground pound or abstain by 11:59 PM PST or at least before Thursday preview numbers! Hi-ya! Black belt karate!

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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach @Wrath


SLAM!: It's time to ground pound or abstain from ground-pounding. Please make your decisions in alphabetical order.


Agafin: I abstain.

Asyulus: I abstain.

Cap: I ground-pound the button!

DAJK: I abstain.

The Dark Alfred: I ground-pound the button!

DetectiveAI: I abstain.

elcaballero: I ground-pound the button!

Ethan Hunt: I abstain.

Fancyarcher: I abstain.

Goldenhour36: I ground-pound the button!

Jack Sparrow: I abstain.

JJ-8: I ground-pound the button!

Morieris: I ground-pound the button!

Rorschach: I abstain.

Wrath: I abstain.


Only six players ground-pound the button.


Nothing happens.



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