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Catching Fire OS Thread || 438m

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The Joker: 390m

Ent: 390m

JCS: 400m+

Jam90: 420m

Halba: 420m

Fake: 425m

Marlon Brando: 450m

Godzilla: 450m

Tower: 450m

lordmandeep: 450m

Goffe: 455m

Juby 460m

The Stingray: 465m

Robertron: 468m

Peludo: 475m

Neo: 475m

Dexter of Suburbia: 475m

dashrendar44: 485m

podo: 490m

The Futurist: 500m

Leyla: 500mFiredeep: 520m

Olive: 525m

Heretic: 530m

Baelfire11: 545m

Sonic: 550m

Iceroll: 550m

k1stpierre: 550m

Dan355: 550m

mtX: 550m

Adje: 560m

Sims: 580m

Wally: 600m

Wormy: 600m

Cosmonaut: 600m

keysersoze123: 600m

Noctis: 610m

Alisson23: 620m

fmpro: 1.2b (lol)


Any last minute changes/additions?

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I don't mind all the threads because someone has to eventually make them but all being created at one time pretty much pushes all BO discusion happening in current relevant threads back 3 pages.And no threads should be made for TH2 just like Avatar 3, only the next sequel in a franchise should have a thread.

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Some of these jumps people are predicting are pretty crazy

People that are predicting it to double OS from the first one are setting themselves up for dissappointment. My 450M OS prediction is realistically optimistic. I can easily see this doing sub 400M. I think it might also have tough competition with Thor 2.
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