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Goblet of Fire VS Half-Blood Prince

Goblet of Fire VS Half-Blood Prince  

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Rather strange coupling, but I'm curious.


For me, HBP wins easily. It absolutely destroys GoF in characterization, and it's the film that I admire more and more with each viewing. It's slow, but it's rewarding. Acting, writing, directing, and visuals all go to HBP. Definitely. Score, however, definitely goes to GoF.


Please rate the films on a scale of 1-10.


GoF: 6/10 


HBP: 9/10 

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I think HBP was liked by the fans while GOF was like more by the general audience.


General audience definitely enjoyed GoF more, but HBP was extremely divisive among the fanbase when it first came out.

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Well I know this is going to make you mad Notcis...


I am a HP fan but not a die hard fan so I enjoyed the more entertaining aspects of GOF.

May it be the action scenes, the interesting story about a tournament and the new characters and all the funny scenes around the dance.



HBP is a very well made film but lacks the "fun" factor... 

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HBP is SO funny, but, then again, so is GOF. HBP is beautifully filmed, with absolutely stunning cinematography. Inferi in the firestorm was breathtaking. It's the best flowing Potter by far, its pacing is brilliant and sets the tone perfectly. It feels dark and subsided just like it should, and characterisation is spot on. Emotions are rawly portrayed, especially by Emma. It's a film that has grown on me tremendously since I first saw it, when I wasn't actually sure I liked it much at all.GOF is incredibly fun, and I also love it, but HBP is a level above.

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