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  2. Lillard is honest to god my favorite player in the nba that’s not in my team. He’s unreal. That game however, was all Russ’s fault.
  3. You call me a troll and I admit I can be annoying at times but I still engage with mostly everyone 😶 You just want a collective circle jerk of opinions that reflect your own and thumb your noses down at everyone else that isnt part of your circlejerk. 😧
  4. Pypa94

    Poland Box Office

    Oh boy! 10/10 is minimum, I can't anything below that, I've already said too much 😅
  5. I kind of agree with this; typical 'superhero dies and comes back to life' trope, then yes MBJ was given ZERO interesting lines--great backstory written, but no unique character charisma a la Hela or Ego. I still applaud Coogler for doing an amazing job overall despite some of its shortcomings.
  6. Literally the last pages was people saying it's gonna flop but okay.
  7. I decided to do some programming And I chose to do it in Sheets too! I saw someone make the word "2019" out of the emoji moons 🌕🌗🌘 etc... so thought I'd try making something in Sheets that would convert a word into moon-word! Feel free to watch along if people want while there's nothing else to do... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OTLTO8haKGEab2mZvqm1gQ9D576be_W3uKI-G5tfmXI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. I like how the two reasonable PikaPika fans everyone's praised ((Nova and YourMother)) are now getting attacked for daring to read the room with Endgame possibly doing 300m+ in an OW while this comes out in a packed and crowded summer and daring to go below 100m OW and 300m total dom for this. God this is why I avoided this thread like the plague.
  9. No one is being bipolar and no one is thinking Pikachu will flop. Adjusting one’s predictions closer to release is natural as we have a lot more signs (I remember a good ton of use thinking Venom would do $300M DOM but that died down in around September and a few people thought AMATW would open to $100M leading to release). In my heart, I hope Pikachu is a humongous breakout and I’d genuinely like a live action non superhero/non remake do big. However, we are taking more notice of signs during release. Not to mention a few us like @Nova and I have been predicting and tracking box office for a few years now. Do I think Pikachu is still doing $200M+? Yes, but I don’t think the same signs that were there back in March for it doing $300M+/$1B+.
  10. Purely out of curiosity, does anyone know if Feige ever mentioned any desire to direct a film? He clearly has a great storyteller’s eye, so I’d be interested to see what he can do helming a film.
  11. I anticipated that exact reply the moment I posted that, not even worth responding to. The only difference was I thought that the person who posted it would have no avatar and 500 posts; I was hoping for better content from an admin
  12. I don't go to the movies every week but the majority of people will go see EG on OW. So that saves plenty of time for those same people to go 2 weeks later for Pikachu. Don't see the big deal here. But believe me I rarely go to the movies. Last movie I saw in theatres was Captain Marvel and before that Aquaman.
  13. I respect that and removed the photo.
  14. Just like how we had cam rips for every Marvel movie days before release, prior to Infinity War. Didn't have an impact then, won't now.
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