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  1. 50/50 right now. It’s going to be close either way, but since it’s going to be so close we really need to see the data through at least Thursday afternoon.
  2. All of our tracking data and Deep Wang’s inside numbers suggest that $300m is definitely on the table. There will be enough seats for a realistic run at $300m, whether it hits it or not.
  3. IF it can hit POTUS number or even Fake’s, then maybe Endgame OW > Captain Marvel WW wouldn’t be a crazy club after all....
  4. True but it also had 2 non-working days vs 1 for EG. So maybe I should say the floor is IW 5-day @ $230m
  5. No worries my friend I wouldn’t put $250m as the “floor” either, because anything can happen. I’d say the true floor is 10% over IW in USD. That would be $220m. Presales indicate that even if this is an 8 on Maoyan, it should be able to hit that number.
  6. If it hits $300m in China OW, I’ll vote your way in 2020
  7. Well it did hit $200m lol
  8. Same. I thought the holiday was May 1-4. If Monday is also a holiday, or the schedule is different, it changes things a bit.
  9. Comparisons are about how something plays, not the size of it. And if you don’t understand the data, maybe it’s best to just look and not comment lest people think you’re a fool.
  10. Through 5 updates, Endgame sits at 3294 on Pulse. This is notable as yesterday it was at 2611 through 5 updates. Why is it notable? Because on the same comparative days for IW last year, it dropped over 20% from Thursday to Friday. Obviously it will probably falter as the day goes on, but it’s a good start to the morning.
  11. In hype, it could be. Coming off TDK, the hype was insane. Previews was 60% over Avengers but....things soured the weekend.... Looking back now it may be hard to remember how hyped it was.
  12. $300m 👀 It definitely looks strong still. Even with my 25% safety adjustment, it’s still above IW. Next week will be the real tell for how much demand is left after the enormous initial surge. Monday will need to come in over 70k 😱
  13. Someone on Reddit pointed this out and I hadn't even thought of it. I think we all assume Endgame is breaking the domestic OW record (whether it be by $10m or $50m, it's beating it.) But if China comes in over $257.7m that IW hit domestically, it'll hold the record for the largest single territory OW for about 12 hours. Endgame could be the first, and perhaps only film ever, to break the single territory record TWICE.

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