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  1. That's a lot for a non-holiday Wednesday in the 2nd week, but you're the Asgard.
  2. Like I told someone else (on another thread, don't recall which); October 6 is 3.5 weeks before Halloween. All the relevant box office will be ringed out by then, save for hopefully decent legs. Ergo, I don't think that's really something Marvel Studios cares about.
  3. It's not normal but it's really not that far off, honestly. At worse I'd say we're about 20% light in the domestic market. Shang Chi with no pandemic hesitancy or closures might have done $280-300M instead of the $225-250M it's going to do. I don't think a film like Respect or Candyman would have done markedly better. There was plenty of screenings and available seats. I don't see a situation where demand would have been 40-50% higher.
  4. I mean Halloween is over 3 weeks away from October 6th and in the middle of the week. I don't think that decision will really come into play, to be honest.
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