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  1. Thanos is basically a mutant amongst Eternals. He's an Eternal with a Deviant gene.
  2. I’m not sure how uphill the battle will be, but maybe someone more in-the-know can comment on what this story is talking about? @Gavin Feng
  3. I don’t think anything will be overshadowed but it is odd that they didn’t just bump up the date on Loki a few weeks.
  4. Whether it explodes in China or not doesn't really matter. Marvel doesn't make these films for China, even this one. I don't expect $300m there just because the lead is racially close to them or the setting is tangentially China. Even if it's "average" in terms of MCU film reception, it'll still do $125-150m.
  5. I guess the Detective Pikachu hard ups had some reason to believe it might blow up then lol Ahh the good ol’ days.
  6. On Twitter, the teaser already has more like than the Loki trailer from last week and the recent Black Widow trailer (133k vs 131k vs 78k)
  7. You think Marvel’s first Asian superhero would only do Crazy Rich Asian numbers domestically? Lol. Maybe just reporting the numbers is your thing 🤣
  8. No way they start Eternals promo stuff this close after Shang Chi. Going to be at least 6 weeks.
  9. Source? I've seen second rate Twitter accounts discuss it (Simu Liu's birthday tomorrow, Shang Chi's official Twitter being updated) but is it just speculation based on that or are any decent scoopers saying it?
  10. The trailer for this already has 28.5 million views on Facebook. I’m not sure how that compares across the board, but it feels like that’s the highest number I’ve seen since The Lion King (2019).
  11. If Crystal Skull was the Phantom Menace of the Indy franchise (poorly received follow up to 3 great initial films from decades prior) then this has to be the Force Awakens.
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