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  1. ^^ Me returning to this place to see the madness and carnage.
  2. 1. The Eternals 2. Dune 3. Tenet 4. Godzilla vs Kong 5. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 6. Soul 7. Black Widow 8. No Time to Die 9. Wonder Woman 1984 10. Mulan
  3. Looks like I totally missed the Sonic train. Nice job for it. Ah well, just noticed Onward was on sale and so far at my theater it has sold 4 tickets across six show times.
  4. Birds of Prey -- AMC Willlowbrook 24 -- Day of Previews -- 4:30pm CST Dolby / IMAX: 4 shows, 213 seats sold out of 712 available (29.92%) Digital: 4 shows, 85 seats sold out of 588 available (14.46%) TOTAL: 8 shows, 298 seats sold out of 1300 available (22.92%) Previews Prediction: $4.8 million
  5. Greetings Trackers. How I’ve missed you. I’ll do full numbers on Thursday but as of right now, BOP is sitting at 128 tickets sold at my theater for previews. As a comp, Joker was at 659 @ 3pm on Thursday. I think BOP can get to at least 220 sold by then.
  6. The Russo's made it a point to say that the stones are "reduced to atoms" but what they are can never truly be destroyed. So, somehow, they'll be remade.
  7. It is. It was still destroyed by Thanos in the main MCU timeline and the ones they took from the past were returned to their proper timelines by Cap. You didn’t see the films?
  8. Me when I saw Keaton. My only hope in all of this is the Sony-verse is another universe in the MCU multiverse and that’s their Adrian Tomes. My personal Endgame for Spider-Man is he has to leave our universe (MCU) and go into this universe because the Spider-Man in their (Sony) universe was killed and they don’t have all the heroes that the MCUniverse has. Then the MCU can be done with Spider-Man and Sony can drive the character into the dirt as they inevitably will.
  9. 1. The Eternals 2. Dune 3. Tenet 4. Godzilla vs Kong 5. Black Widow 6. Wonder Woman 1984 7. No Time to Die 8. Soul 9. Mulan 10. Raya and the Last Dragon
  10. Well yea if the ER dropped it would happen, but since ER hasn't been below 6:1 since 1993 I don't see that being something to hypothesize about lol
  11. "One day" is a long time. A billion is certain at some point, just like it is domestically, and 200M admissions is likely in China unless something replaces the theater experience in the next decade and it starts to decline. Not sure about this. If it happened in 2020, it would require a film to make over $1.25 billion in China (and that's assuming nothing else gets into the top 10 in 2020.) If we look at the global turnover of the top 10, 8 of them have occurred since 2012. It's likely by 2025 it will take over $2 billion to get into the top 10.
  12. Not going to do a full breakdown or track for obvious reasons, but I gave Doolittle a look at my theater and it's sold 11 seats for Thursday so far. It should be more walk up friendly than some other extremely low pre-sellers recently (Black Christmas) but I wouldn't expect Thursday to be over $750k.
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