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  1. Well one is definitely wrong by process of elimination and both are likely BS. I do feel it means the real name is coming soon though.
  2. Yes, shorter campaigns seem a given considering they also have 10 properties coming out this year (and for the foreseeable future). I expect trailers to release at max 6 months before the content debuts but probably more like 3-4 months. No more 8-10 month teasers.
  3. Doesn't look bad. The kind of movie I'd watch but not buy a ticket to.
  4. Grace Randolph is the alpha dumbass. The Kim Kardashian of YouTube movie content.
  5. I think within the next 4 years, that will happen. Not every film mind you, but at least one. Hell, Shang Chi could do it this year.
  6. This film would have done $900m - $1.1 billion pre-Covid. She's an extremely popular character and after her death in Endgame, a lot of people felt (likely true) that this would be the last hurrah for the character.
  7. The main thing this DC3 and Hi, Mom scenario has showed us that if the hype and reception hit just right, China can produce a ¥7-8 billion film. Unfortunately in this case, the cards didn't line up.
  8. I'm curious what the Maoyan number will come it at. I'm expecting at least 9.0 but it would be kinda funny/more interesting if it was like 8.0 just to see what kind of BO run it could maintain at that kind of rating.
  9. I'm gonna leave my doses the same but drop the rest by about 30-40%.... 2.3M 7-day dose average. 45K daily cases 770 deaths 31k hospitalized
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