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  1. Based on what’s going on with the censors and the major Chinese releases, it looks like TLK will have a pretty free reign to run wild. If it’s received on the level of Jungle Book, or maybe even on the level of Zootopia we could be looking at a the 2nd biggest US release in China.
  2. Demolish? Where? Worldwide it will beat it but domestic and domestic OW, I believe I2 still comes out ahead.
  3. Oh, and my final prediction for the remaining 4 films is.... TS4: $510m TLK: $739m F2: $542m TROS: $766m
  4. That’s crazy to me. Yea it’s great for FFH and TLK, but at the expense of potentially amazing Chinese cinema. Sucks.
  5. Since I like supporting indie films, I picked up a ticket for TS4 for next Sunday. I’ve never seen a Pixar film in theaters before. Hope they do well!
  6. I’m definitely confident in this club, but lets stoke the fire a bit before the deadline.... BONUS CLUB: 5 x 555 DOM!!
  7. I expect RT to be 95 or more, and would be shocked to see it below 90.
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