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  1. Thinking of making a club.... How about.... Demon Slayer (Japan USD) > Inside Out (Domestic USD) 👀
  2. Since tomorrow is a holiday, can it do $10m+? I don’t know how holiday schedules work in Japan (do theaters close or close early?).
  3. Can someone with knowledge of the Japanese market explain WHY this film is getting this kind of box office in Japan? I've heard of Demon Slayer before, but I didn't think it was something insane like what this film is doing. I know markets aren't comparable given how Japan is typically a slow burn, so I can't really say this is like their Endgame or Force Awakens but it seems to be having that kind of crossover impact.
  4. Where they really? I mean, you can say anything is open for a price but if the price is insane is it really open? They were apparently looking for north of $700 million for a one year window, on a film that would probably make around $350-450 million for the studio if it went to theaters (after the theater cut and all that). I don't know if I consider a ridiculous price for something to count as actually being down to do it.
  5. Taking a guess, we're probably looking at something like this through November 1st.... 17-Day Cumulative Total: ¥15,200,000,000 ($145.5 million)
  6. 001. ¥31.66 billion ($257.0 million) - Spirited Away (2001)*_______________010. ¥15.60 billion ($188.7 million) - Avatar (2009) Currency exchange is crazy sometimes. If Spirited Away had Avatar's XR, it would be a nearly $400m USD film. Back to Demon Slayer, it's run for the ages is truly epic. I'm curious if this insane run is going to collapse a bit due to so much demand being met, or if this is going to keep rolling into a ¥40 billion film. For what it's worth, I'm still on the bandwagon that this will fall off before getting to SA.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/stories/tomholland2013/2428131557489666460/ Tom Holland has arrived in Atlanta to start filming Spider-Man 3.
  8. Yea but Apple makes more than a 3x this amount per week in gross profit. Really wouldn't be but a drop in the bucket for them.
  9. 1. Saving Private Ryan 2. Jurassic Park 3. Schindler's List 4. Jaws 5. E.T 6. Raiders of the Lost Ark 7. Amistad 8. The Color Purple 9. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 10. Minority Report 11. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 12. Lincoln 13. Munich 14. Catch Me If You Can 15. The Post 16. Bridge of Spies 17. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 18. Hook 19. Empire of the Sun 20. Duel 21. A. I. Artificial Intelligence 22. The Terminal 23. Ready Player One 24. Always 25. The BFG 26. War of the Worlds 27. The Adventures of Tintin 28. War Horse 29. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 30. The Sugarland Express 31. 1941 32. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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