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  1. Last February released MCU movie was Black Panther, and its first trailer was in June 2017. With that being said, the global situation is way different. I wouldn't expect a trailer until they're more sure they can hit that February 2021 date.
  2. Agreed. No matter the circumstances, if a film loses money it's not a success story. Given current conditions, as long as it does break even (which will indeed take $500-600 million worldwide) we can give it a pass.
  3. The only thing I’ve learned in the last 3 pages of this thread is that BOT users suck at analogies....
  4. By the end of this decade, first run VOD of major films (I'm talking Endgame, Avatar level) will be a norm that theaters will have to live with or die from. By the end of next decade, theaters will be the equivalent of drive-in theaters today. Some will be able to hold out as nostalgia pieces and purist attractions but 97% of them will be gone.
  5. Agreed. Saying $200 million is a "disappointment" bar is someone not living in the real world. Can Thor 4 do it? Sure. I don't think it's likely though.
  6. Since this is a box office forum, here is my current prediction for a March 25, 2022 release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.... $140 million domestic opening $392 million domestic total $544 million OS-C total $235 million China total $1.171 billion worldwide total
  7. Current estimates are a 40% YOY drop in domestic box office. I imagine worldwide will be similar. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-offices-best-case-scenario-down-40-percent-1289032
  8. ^^ Me returning to this place to see the madness and carnage.
  9. 1. The Eternals 2. Dune 3. Tenet 4. Godzilla vs Kong 5. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 6. Soul 7. Black Widow 8. No Time to Die 9. Wonder Woman 1984 10. Mulan
  10. Looks like I totally missed the Sonic train. Nice job for it. Ah well, just noticed Onward was on sale and so far at my theater it has sold 4 tickets across six show times.
  11. Birds of Prey -- AMC Willlowbrook 24 -- Day of Previews -- 4:30pm CST Dolby / IMAX: 4 shows, 213 seats sold out of 712 available (29.92%) Digital: 4 shows, 85 seats sold out of 588 available (14.46%) TOTAL: 8 shows, 298 seats sold out of 1300 available (22.92%) Previews Prediction: $4.8 million
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