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Jurassic World 4 | July 2, 2025 | Gareth Edwards to direct

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I wanted the franchise to stay dormant for a few more years. Dominion had a very mediocre reception and i dont think a new movie could gross a billion again unless it truly has amazing WOM.


Still, a new movie means more dinosaurs so ill have to start saving money as soon as possible for my viewings.

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I mean, it has to be better than the previous two, right?


According to Hollywood Reporter they are apparently far enough long that they might be aiming for a release in 2025 (perhaps not a surprise considering how light Universal's upcoming pipeline is - the only movies they have on the calendar for next year so far are the live-action How to Train Your Dragon remake, sequels to M3GAN and The Black Phone, and Wicked Part 2). Good luck to them trying to rush it and delivering a non-divisive product, I guess.

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3 hours ago, John Marston said:

It has to be a reboot. Dominion left the series no where to go



cant believe that  movie was about locusts and a lady giving birth to herself. Seriously wtf

You just prompted me to watch Dominion (rewatched Fallen Kingdom on the plane recently so why not?)

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A prequel set during the construction of Jurassic Park or Jurassic World would be badass AF. Imagine following a team of hunters tasked with capturing the loose Dinos all over the island?

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1 hour ago, Hatebox said:

The quest to make the first good Jurassic Park sequel continues 

There's no chance it'll ever happen, unless Spielberg directs it himself and it fully ignores Jurassic World trilogy.

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