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London Has Fallen | March 4, 2016 | Trailer on page 7.

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I don't care what anybody else says, but WHITE HOUSE DOWN was a much better movie than OHF.

Unfortunately Sony Pictures fucked up bad by putting WHD in a spot where it couldn't compete, in the middle of the summer against the WWZ, MOS, MONSTERS UNIVERITY, DESPICABLE ME 2, TLR and a R-rated comedy THE HEAT. Plus OHF was still in some theaters.

This type of movie should never be release in the summer unless its part of an establish franchise. OHF had a great release date, with very little competition.

But what's strange is WHD's original release date was November 1st. This was a safe date, it would have been the only big movie that weekend and far enough away from OHF.

It was a boneheaded decision by Sony Pictures.

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:( I may have been the only one looking forward to this...


Are not alone.

Olympus Has...or Was...or Whatever...Fallen...was serious 1990s action movie awesome.

And to you...who says White House Sucks...is better than Olympus Has Fallen...


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The assault of the the White House on OHF is fucking beautiful. Shame about the crappy CGI sometimes, its so well edited and violent. What an action film should be. White House Down feels Disney in comparision.

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Olympus Has Fallen was like an awesome (stupid) 90s action movie.

Dug it. Not sure the sequel will live up, but I dug it. It did help I expected...nothing.


I am pretty sure Morgan Freeman was sleep walking during his scenes.

He felt barely alive in this.

That was awesome, you could almost see him rolling his eyes saying to himself : " not this shit again, I already played this character a hundred times ..."

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