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BoxOffice Begins (FINAL PART UP!!! (2/17)). The Beginning is Complete

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    Welcome to Part 4 of Box Office Begins. This will complete Shawn's training, and then we can really start to have fun. Nonetheless, enjoy this part. Feedback is always welcome. Again, probably some consistency issues here and there, but again, since it's difficult to adapt things, I have to make do with what I've got.



    We return to Shawn’s recollection of what happened following the trial of Ray Subers. He began to travel the internet, learning what it was like to do amateur box office projection.


    Ducard: When you posted among the amateur box office predictors, did you begin to pity them?


    ShawnMR: The first time I posted among them, yes. I lost many assumptions about the simple nature of under or over with box office. And when I posted, I learned the fear before making a prediction, and the thrill of success. But I never became a regular.


    We see a scene where the mods are interrogating Shawn for making an illegal prediction.


    Bluebomb: Fool, what do I care what your name is? You’re an amateur.


    ShawnMR: I’m not one of them!


    Bluebomb: Tell that to the guy who owns this site *We see the Box Office logo*




    We’re now at the Trial of ShawnMR, before his initiation into the Box Office Theory members


    Ducard: You’ve traveled the internet to understand the amateur box office mind and conquer your fears. But an amateur box office projector is not complicated, and what you really fear is inside yourself. You fear your own power. You fear your anger, the drive to do great or terrible things.  But you must journey inwards. You are ready. *He gives ShawnMR a brief snippet of a movie to breathe in and see, he suddenly flashes back to Brandon Gray’s death temporarily* Breathe…breathe in your fears. Face them. To conquer fear, you must become fear. You must bask in the fear of other men.


    Ducard disappears amongst a slew of other posters. There are numbers…numbers everywhere. Everything has become smokescreens and mirrors. Gifs everywhere meant to confuse Shawn. Shawn searches for Ducard…


    Ducard: You have to become a terrible thought…a wraith…


    The members arrange themselves differently, into a row-like formation. Out of nowhere, Baumer attacks with numbers, and ShawnMR is forced to hold his own to state his case.




    And just as soon as Ducard appears, he disappears again as the members surround him once again.


    Ducard: Feel terror cloud your senses. Feel its power to distort. To control. And know that this power can be yours.


    Once again Ducard attacks, but Shawn is able to repel him before disappearing again. The members reorganize themselves once again and Shawn sees a section of the forums up ahead. He walks towards it.


    Ducard: Embrace your worst fear….become one with the numbers.


    ShawnMR walks into the section and a bunch of numbers appear, surprising ShawnMR, briefly catching him off guard. He regains his composure.


    Ducard: Focus. Concentrate. Master your senses.


    Ducard appears once again and manages to land a strike against ShawnMR, before he disappears and members surround Shawn once again. Shawn realizes he has been hit by one of Ducard’s arguments. He briefly thinks about his strategy, and begins to mark each one of the members. Ducard begins to stalk and notices one of the members with a mark. He prepares to land a banning blow against him.


    Ducard: You must never leave a mark.


    Suddenly, he realizes ShawnMR is behind him, and has been bested.


    ShawnMR: I haven’t.


    Clapping can be heard, as Baumer appears.


    Baumer: Impressive.


    He begins to speak in foreign troll language once again, and Ducard translates for him.


    Ducard: We have purged your fear. You are ready to lead these men. You are ready to become a member of the Box Office Theory. But first you must demonstrate your commitment to box office.


    They bring out a prisoner, suspended for trolling and having shitty box office projections. He has a look of guilt on his face, clearly scared for his e-life. Shawn takes a deep look into his avatar and looks back at Ducard and Baumer.


    ShawnMR: No. I’m no banner.


    Ducard: Your compassion is a weakness that your enemies will not share.


    ShawnMR: That’s why it’s so important…it separates us from them.


    Ducard: You want to fight trollers and poor box office projectors.  This man is a troll.


    ShawnMR: This man should be tried by a group of moderators.


    Ducard: By whom? Corrupt moderators? Trollers mock forum’s laws. You know this better than most.


    Baumer: You cannot lead these men, unless you are prepared to do what is necessary to defeat shitty box office projections.


    ShawnMR: And where would I lead these men?


    Baumer: Boxoffice.com. As Box Office’s favored son, you would be ideally placed to strike at the heart of bad box office projections.


    ShawnMR: How?


    Baumer: BoxOffice’s time has come. Like Boxofficemojo or Showbizdata before it, the website has become a breeding ground for trolling and off topic NFL discussions. It is beyond saving and must be allowed to die. This is the most important function of the League of Box Office Theory. It is one we have performed for internet years. Box Office…must…be…destroyed.


    ShawnMR: You can’t believe in this.


    Ducard: Baumer rescued us from the darkest corners of our own hearts. What he asks for return is the courage to do what is necessary.


    ShawnMR: I will go back to BoxOffice.com and argue against men like this but I will not become a banner.


    Ducard: Shawn, please. For your own sake, there’s no turning back.


    ShawnMR looks at the troller intensely…does he do it or not? He takes his weapon and prepares to ban him, but suddenly, he strikes a virus into the code of Box Office Theory.


    Ducard: What are you doing?


    ShawnMR: What’s necessary, my friend.


    He knocks out Ducard, and suddenly the virus takes effect, causing the forum to explode into pieces. The whole forum is falling apart, and ShawnMR has indirectly banned dozens, but never mind that. As long as it ain’t direct and there’s a child in danger (more on that much later), we will forgive him and not notice. Members are fleeing everywhere, as Baumer motions the others to back off, attacking Shawn directly. They begin an intense argument, but thanks to Ducard’s training, ShawnMR is able to hold his own. A section of the forums exploding causes both of them to be knocked to the ground, and then a piece of the forum crushes Baumer…banning him. Meanwhile, ShawnMR goes to carry out Ducard out of the forum, as it blows up. Ducard is slowly slipping away into cyberspace, but ShawnMR swoops him and manages to catch him at the last second, with one hand. ShawnMR struggles to carry him, but manages to take him to a safe haven where he speaks with his friend Mattrek, who has been released from prison (I always thought they were the one and same, but I could be racist…I’m Asian though).


    Mattrek: I will tell him you saved his e-life.


    ShawnMR bows and bids farewell to his two friends, and begins his plan to save BoxOffice.Com



    ShawnMR is shown walking towards an internet jet to take him back to BoxOffice…and out walks Accursed Arachnid!


    Accursed Arachnid: Master Shawn, you’ve been gone a long time.


    ShawnMR: Yes, I have.


    Accursed Arachnid: You look very fashionable.


    ShawnMR: Apart from the filth of IMDB forums.


    They are now inside the jet, as they begin hatching their plan to save Box Office.


    Accursed Arachnid: Are you coming back to Box Office for long, sir?


    ShawnMR: As long as it takes. I want to show the members that their website doesn’t belong to the trolls and the corrupt.


    Accursed Arachnid: In the depression, Brandon Gray nearly bankrupt himself combating trolls within the box office. He believed his example could inspire the wealthy posters of Box Office Mojo to save their website.


    ShawnMR: Did it?


    Accursed Arachnid: In a way, but it was bought out by Amazon and it now kinda sucks from a community perspective. Their murder shocked the posters into action and the forums migrated to what is now BoxOffice.com


    ShawnMR: People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. I can’t do that as ShawnMR. As a poster, I’m just an anonymous user, I can be ignored or banned. But as a symbol? As a symbol, I can be incorruptible. I can be everlasting.


    Accursed Arachnid: What symbol?


    ShawnMR: Something elemental. Something terrifying.


    Accursed Arachnid: I assume that as you take on the Box Office underworld, this symbol is a persona to protect those you care about from reprisals?


    ShawnMR: You’re thinking about ECSTASY?


    Accursed Arachnid: No I was actually thinking about myself.


    ShawnMR: Have you told anyone that I’m coming back?


    Accursed Arachnid:  I couldn’t figure the legal ramifications of bringing you back from the banhammer.


    ShawnMR: The banhammer?


    Accursed Arachnid: You’ve been gone seven months…


    ShawnMR: You had me declared banned?


    Accursed Arachnid: Actually it was Mr. Pandya. He’s taking the website public. He wanted to liquidate your majority shareholding. Those shares are worth quite a bit of money.


    ShawnMR: Well it’s a good thing I left everything to you then.


    Accursed Arachnid: Quite so, sir. And you can borrow the Rolls if you like. Just make sure to bring it back with a full tank.



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    We are waiting Banderas? 


    I'm only half way through Part 5. I will likely make updates every Sunday when I have the most free time. This will be a pretty big update, I'm trying to get to the actual Batman point.

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    I'm only half way through Part 5. I will likely make updates every Sunday when I have the most free time. This will be a pretty big update, I'm trying to get to the actual Batman point.

    Is part 5 going to be 5 pages long? 

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    Welcome to Part 5 of BoxOffice Begins. This was probably the trickiest one by far and also the longest part since I wanted to actually get to the Batman stuff. As a result, took a slight bit longer than expected. We also get to the introduction of some new characters. Enjoy!


    We are now at a trial for MovieMan, a known troller and all around weird poster. It is attended by Judge Vanilla, ECSTASY, and the psychiatrist for the Banned Members/Suspended Posters thread (And also the Amazing Spider-Man 2 thread)…iJack


    iJack: In my opinion, Mr. MovieMan is a danger to himself as much as to others, and suspension is probably not the best place for his rehabilitation.


    MovieMan is shown with a smile on his face, knowing that he will be able to get away with permabanned/suspension status, instead, given warning points. ECSTASY is upset knowing that justice has not been served. She approaches iJack after the trial to confront him.


    ECSTASY: Mr. iJack?


    iJack: Ms. ECSTASY


    ECSTASY: You think a man who trolls people all day and makes multiple accounts doesn’t deserve to be suspended?


    iJack: I would have hardly testified to that otherwise, would I?


    ECSTASY: This is the third of Nikke Finke’s posters you’ve had declared insane and moved into your thread.


    iJack: The work offered by Nikke Finke must have an attraction to the insane


    ECSTASY: Or the corrupt.


    iJack: Mr. Water Bottle, you should check with Ms. ECSTASY just what implications your office has authorized her to make, if any…


    iJack walks away, as Water Bottle approaches ECSTASY


    Water Bottle: What are you doing?


    ECSTASY: What are you doing, Water Bottle?


    Water Bottle: Looking out for you. Nikke Finke has half the box office sites, bought and paid for. Drop it.


    ECSTASY: How can you say that?


    Water Bottle: Because as much as I care about getting Finke, I care more about you.


    From afar, Shawn is keeping tabs on ECSTASY. ECSTASY gives Water Bottle a light kiss on the cheek


    ECSTASY: That’s sweet. We’ve been through all that.




    Shawn is shown to be studying in Box Office forums when he notices some numbers poking around


    Accursed Arachnid: Blessed number again, sir. They nest somewhere here in the forums.


    Shawn goes to investigate. He discovers a cave…the Bat Cave section of the forums and is suddenly swarmed by numbers, much like long ago. First he is surprised. But suddenly he gains his courage and stands, embracing the swarm of numbers. The music swells…he has conquered his fear.


    Meanwhile Finke is shown to be talking with iJack.


    iJack: No more favors, someone is sniffing around.


    Nikke Finke: Hey, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, doc. I’m bringing you the shipments.


    iJack: We’re paying you for that.


    Nikke Finke: Maybe money isn’t as interesting to me as favors.


    iJack: I am more than aware that you are not intimidated by me, Ms. Finke. But you know who I’m working for, and when he gets here…


    Nikke Finke:  He’s….he’s coming to the Box Office Section?


    iJack: Yes…he is. And when he gets here, he’s not going to want to hear that you’ve endangered our operation just to get your posters out of suspension time.


    Nikke Finke: Who’s bothering you?


    iJack: There’s a girl at the forum DA’s office.


    Nikke Finke: We’ll buy her off.


    iJack: Not this one.


    Nikke Finke: Idealist, huh? Well there’s an answer for that too.


    iJack: I don’t want to know.


    Nikke Finke: Yes you do.



    We are shown a meeting at Box Office Enterprises, where Gitesh Pandya and other members are discussing taking the website public


    The Panda: No, we are showing healthy growth in those sectors


    Ozymandias: I don’t think Brandon Gray would have considered movie reviews as a suitable cornerstone for our website.


    Gitesh Pandya: That was two years ago…Ozymandias. I think after two years, we can allow ourselves to stop thinking about what Brandon Gray would have done.


    Outside the meeting, ShawnMR approaches the secretary.


    LadyEvenstar:  Good morning, Mr. Pandya’s office. Yes he’s confirmed for the dinner tomorrow evening.


    ShawnMR: Hello, I’m here to see Mr. Pandya.


    LadyEvenstar: Name?


    ShawnMR: ShawnMR


    Lady Evenstar looks up with complete surprise, realizing that Shawn has not been banned after all. In the meeting, Mr. Pandya is still making his case for taking the website public


    Gitesh Pandya: Brandon would not have taken this company public, but it is what we as responsible managers, are going to do. Buzzing LadyEvenstar. Lady Evenstar. Lady Evenstar? Where are you?


    Gitesh walks outside the meeting room to see ShawnMR teaching Lady Evenstar how to golf…


    ShawnMR: Eye on the ball and…


    Gitesh Pandya: Why is no one answering the phone?


    ShawnMR: It’s Box Office Enterprises, Mr. Pandya. I’m sure someone will answer the phone.


    Gitesh Pandya: Shawn? You’re supposed to be banned.


    ShawnMR: Sorry to disappoint.




    Water Bottle is sitting at his desk when ECSTASY appears.


    ECSTASY: I need you to take a look at this.


    Water Bottle: Have you seen him yet?


    ECSTASY: Who?


    Water Bottle: ShawnMR. It’s been all over the internet. He’s back.




    Gitesh Pandya: I’m sure you realize I can’t stop the big machine. Too many wheels turning. We’re going public.


    ShawnMR: I understand. And I’ll be handsomely rewarded for my shares. I’m not looking to interfere. I am however, looking for a job.


    Gitesh Pandya: Oh?


    ShawnMR: I just want to get to know the website that my family built.


    Gitesh Pandya: Any ideas on where to start?


    ShawnMR: Applied Rentrak Projections caught my eye.


    Gitesh Pandya: RTH’s department? I’ll let him know you’re coming. You look like him. Brandon Gray. You’re the one left from the original Box Office Mojo family. This is where you belong. Welcome home.




    ShawnMR is now in the Applied Rentrak Projections department with RTH, the head. He has a wise and soothing voice…kind of like God.


    RTH: Matinee ticket sales, historical data, theater tracking. All theories, none in official use. On any level whatsoever.


    ShawnMR: None?


    RTH: What did they tell you this place was?


    ShawnMR: They didn’t tell me anything.


    RTH: They told me exactly what it was when Pandya sent me down here. Dead end. A place to keep me from causing the board anymore trouble. Come on.


    ShawnMR: You were on the board?


    RTH: When Brandon Gray was running things.


    ShawnMR: You knew Brandon Gray?


    RTH: Oh yeah, I helped him build the website. Here we are. This is a multi quote harness, allows

    you to quote multiple posts as a time. Wonderful project, Gray’s website. Made it the official center of box office. Of course, Pandya and Subers let it go to rot. Ah here we are. Survival keyboard, for advanced typing. Reinforced for forum posting with shortcuts.


    ShawnMR: Resistant to overuse?


    RTH: This sucker will never wear down.


    ShawnMR: Mis-spelling, grammar proof?


    RTH: Anything but user override.


    ShawnMR: Why didn’t they put this to production?


    RTH: Bean counters didn’t think a keyboard was worth 300 grand. So what’s your interest in it, Mr. Shawn?


    ShawnMR: Uh, I want to borrow it. For uh, spelunking websites.


    RTH: Spelunking?


    ShawnMR: Yeah, you know, cave diving forums.


    RTH: You expect to get into many arguments in those forums?


    ShawnMR: Look, I’d rather Mr. Pandya didn’t know about me borrowing…


    RTH: Mr. Shawn, the way I see it, all this stuff is yours anyway.




    ShawnMR and Accursed Arachnid are now establishing the Bat Cave forum, which will become his base


    Accursed Arachnid: Charming. At least you’ll have company.


    ShawnMR and Accursed Arachnid are staring at the transportation to the Bat Cave forums, a dingy internet elevator that links to the Franchises section of the forums.


    Accursed Arachnid: Your great great internet grandfather was involved in the underground box office, secretly transporting former World of KJ members to Box Office Forums. I suspect this section came quite in handy.


    ShawnMR is exploring the exit of the cave, an entrance where transportation can go in and out…


    ShawnMR: Arachnid, come up here!


    Accursed Arachnid: I can see everything alright from here, sir, thank you.


    ShawnMR is now assembling his internet persona, gather gadgets, tools, and everything needed to make his dream a reality.


    Accursed Arachnid: We order the main part of the avatar from Singapore


    ShawnMR: Via a dummy website.


    Accursed Arachnid: Indeed, and then quite separately,  we place an order to the Chinese company for these.


    ShawnMR: Put the avatar together ourselves.


    Accursed Arachnid: Precisely. They’ll have to be large order. To avoid suspicion.


    ShawnMR: How large?


    Accursed Arachnid: Say…10000.


    ShawnMR: Well at least we’ll have spares…




    We’re now getting our first look at Redfirebird in the present day. He is clearly more weary, unable to fight against the widespread corruption of the Box Office Moderator Police Department, but still able to do what we he can. His partner, CoolioD1 is taking bribes from various posters for favors.


    CoolioD1: Don’t suppose you want a taste. I just keep offering, thinking maybe some day you might get wise.


    Redfirebird: There’s nothing wise in what you do, Coolio.


    CoolioD1: Well Redfirebird, you don’t take the taste, it makes us guys nervous.


    Redfirebird: I’m no rat! In a website this bent, who’s there to rat to anyway?


    CoolioD1 laughs and they drive back to headquarters of the Box Office Moderator Police

    Department. Redfirebird returns to his office. ShawnMR sneaks in and places a ‘gun’ behind Redfirebird.


    ShawnMR: Don’t turn around. You’re a good mod. One of the few.


    Redfirebird: What do you want?


    ShawnMR: Nikke Finke brings in shipments of shitty movies every week. Nobody takes her down,



    Redfirebird: She’s paid up with the right people.


    ShawnMR: What will it take to bring her down?


    Redfirebird: Leverage on Judge Vanilla, and a DA brave enough to prosecute.


    ShawnMR: ECSTASY.


    Redfirebird: Who are you?


    ShawnMR: Watch for my sign.


    Redfirebird: You’re just one poster?


    ShawnMR: Now we’re two.


    Redfirebird: We?


    ShawnMR runs off, and Redfirebird attempts to chase him down. He nearly corners him, but ShawnMR leaps to another thread, though it causes quite a deal of pain to Shawn. Redfirebird chooses not to pursue.


    Random Jr. Mod: Who was that?


    Redfirebird: Just some nut.




    ShawnMR is back at the Applied Rentrak Projections division to see RTH again, with more tools needed to achieve his goals.


    RTH: Well what is it today, more spelunking forums?


    ShawnMR: No, today it’s thread jumping.


    RTH: Thread jumping? That like going to the main section and clicking on a thread?


    ShawnMR: Kind of. Do you have anything that might get me from thread to thread without going

    back to the main forum?


    RTH: You know, I think I have just the thing. Check it out. It’s called ‘Next Unread Topic.’  Notice

    anything? It looks like any other regular link. But when you click on it, the link redirects you to the next thread.


    ShawnMR: Too expensive for consumers?


    RTH: I don’t think they tried to market it to the billionaire thread jumping crowd.


    ShawnMR: Look, Mr. RTH…


    RTH: Yes sir?


    ShawnMR: If you’re uncomfortable…


    RTH: Mr. Shawn, if you don’t want to tell me exactly what you’re doing when I’m asked, I don’t have to lie. But don’t think of me as an idiot.


    ShawnMR: Fair enough.


    ShawnMR takes a look at a little thing in the background, wondering what it is.


    ShawnMR: What’s that?


    RTH: Oh the mobile app? You wouldn’t be interested in that…


    ShawnMR and RTH are now using the mobile app, traveling around Box Office Enterprises.


    RTH: She was built as a bridging function. During web browsing, you could take this anywhere on the go, and use shortcuts to go from section to section. And here with the mobile boost…it loads just as fast as the regular website. Not now!


    Before RTH can properly warn Shawn, Shawn engages the mobile boost and is flying through the website at high speeds. Shawn realizes now might not have been the best time and brings the mobile app to a stop.


    RTH: We could never get the funding for mass production of the mobile app….but this baby works just fine. So…what do you think?


    ShawnMR: Does it come in blue…?




    CoolioD1 is now with Nikke Finke at the usual restaurant talking about the weekly shipment coming in.


    Nikke Finke: I need you at Deadline Docks this Thursday


    CoolioD1: Problems?


    Nikke Finke: I don’t want any trouble with the last shipment.


    CoolioD1: Sure. Word on the street is that you’ve got a beef with someone in the DA’s office


    Nikke Finke: Is that right?


    CoolioD1: And that there’s a fat prize waiting for anyone willing to do anything about it.


    Nikke Finke: So what’s your point Mr. Coolio?


    CoolioD1: Have you seen the girl? It’s a cute little assistant DA.


    ShawnMR is shown to be spying on them from afar, planning his move.


    CoolioD1: Don’t you think that’s a little too much heat to bring down, maybe? Even for the internet.


    Nikke Finke: Never underestimate the internet. People get attacked on the internet every day of the week. Sometimes, things just go bad.




    Now ShawnMR and Accursed Arachnid are working on assembling the BoxOfficeSuit, but they’ve run into some minor problems.


    Accursed Arachnid: There’s a problem with the avatar sir. The next will be up to specifications.


    ShawnMR: At least they gave us a discount.


    Accursed Arachnid: Quite.


    We see brief snippets of ShawnMR assembling the box office suit and his avatar. Establishing his signature and painting the avatar in photoshop to the right colors. In the signature will be a ton of box office numbers.


    Accursed Arachnid: Why numbers, Mr. Shawn?


    ShawnMR: Numbers overwhelm me. It’s time my enemies share my dread.




    We’re at the Deadline Docks on Thursday evening. The shipment of pirated copies have arrived, and CoolioD1 is keeping watch while Finke waits. Meanwhile, ShawnMR waits for his time to strike. Coolio inspects the product.


    CoolioD1: What’s this? …Continue.


    CoolioD1 then goes to Nikke Finke to give a status report


    CoolioD1: Looks fine out there. The copies go straight to the dealers. What’s it all for?


    Nikke Finke: Ignorance is bliss, my friend. Don’t burden yourselves with the secrets of scary people.


    The posters are unloading the product when suddenly one of them is taken out from the shadows. The poster screams in pain. The other posters jump due to the sudden cry.


    Random poster: Hey, what’s going on?


    He meets up with one of Finke’s other goons to find out what’s going on, when they suddenly look up and see a figure above.


    Random poster 2: What the…?


    The figure takes him out from above and several screams are heard. ShawnMR is able to take out most without engaging in an argument, just quick strikes to put them in suspension. Ban gunshots are heard, alerting CoolioD1 and Nikke Finke.


    CoolioD1: I better check it.


    CoolioD1 takes a brief glance and realizes that they’re not alone. He returns to Nikke Finke


    CoolioD1: There’s a problem here, you better bail.


    CoolioD1 takes a swift exit from the scene to avoid getting implicated. Meanwhile, the goons are still looking for the mysterious figure. He sprays his weapon wildly, attempting to ban the figure. These attempts are all in vain. In desperation, he screams


    Random poster 3: WHERE ARE YOU?!


    He steps back only to realize the figure is behind him


    Mysterious Figure: Here.


    He gasps but is suddenly suspended as well with a quick strike. Finke goes to observe and sees the figure engaged with several posters, effortlessly taking them down one by one. Whoever this was, was truly trained in the ways of forum battles. Finke returns to her vehicle realizing they need to get away from Deadline docks.


    Nikke Finke: Take a ride…*realizing her internet driver has been knocked out*, oh shit!


    Finke is terrified and prepares to load her Ban weapon to make a last stand against this figure, but before she can finish, the figure grabs a hold of her from above and she gets her first real good look at the figure.


    Nikke Finke: What the hell are you….?!


    Mysterious Figure: I’m BoxOfficeMan.


    He knocks her out, put her in suspension state. From a distance, he sees the Stingray, still with that avatar ShawnMR gave him years back.


    BoxOfficeMan: Nice avatar.


    The Stingray: Thanks….



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    Shawn is shown to be studying in Box Office forums when he notices some numbers poking around


    Accursed Arachnid: Blessed number again, sir. They nest somewhere here in the forums.


    Shawn goes to investigate. He discovers a cave…the Bat Cave section of the forums and is suddenly swarmed by numbers, much like long ago. First he is surprised. But suddenly he gains his courage and stands, embracing the swarm of numbers. The music swells…he has conquered his fear.


    So I'm also the swarm of bats! Does this mean Shawn turns into…Numbers Man?  :ph34r:

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    So I'm also the swarm of bats! Does this mean Shawn turns into…Numbers Man?  :ph34r:


    Hah, it was the best representation for bats I could find. But we all know you're Box Office's White Knight.

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    Shawn wouldn't move this to the main forums in fear of it looking like he is an ego maniac.  


    I on the other hand have moved it.  


    I had no idea this thread existed until I clicked on it out of curiosity.  


    It's the most creative thread that's ever been done at the forums and along with the Legend of Rawsaw (I'll explain more later), it is one of the two best threads I've ever read at a box office community.


    It's a shame that more people aren't reading this.  So here's your chance.  Mr Pink should easily have the like record for his posts in this thread.

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    Shawn wouldn't move this to the main forums in fear of it looking like he is an ego maniac.  


    I on the other hand have moved it.  


    I had no idea this thread existed until I clicked on it out of curiosity.  


    It's the most creative thread that's ever been done at the forums and along with the Legend of Rawsaw (I'll explain more later), it is one of the two best threads I've ever read at a box office community.


    It's a shame that more people aren't reading this.  So here's your chance.  Mr Pink should easily have the like record for his posts in this thread.


    Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it. It started off as a for fun thing, and knowing that people enjoy it has compelled me to actually continue on. The fact we're almost half way through the first movie is better than I ever expected. And of course I intend to do The Dark Knight and TDKR. I guess the goal is get through the entire trilogy by the end of the Summer or so which I think is feasible.


    Now the pressure is on since it's in the main area. :ph34r:

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