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BoxOffice Begins (FINAL PART UP!!! (2/17)). The Beginning is Complete

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    Part 2 is up, thanks to an airing of Batman Begins reinvigorating me. I have to say, the flashbacks are a lot more difficult than I imagined. Not all Box Office fans might be familiar with some of the references, nonetheless, I thought it fit best. Enjoy!


    A scene follows showing Shawn collecting a gif on the internet, and making the trek to Box Office Theory. The journey is long and arduous, but eventually, he makes his way to the top. He makes his way in seeing Ducard and presumably, the mysterious Baumer


    ShawnMR: Baumer?


    Ducard: Wait


    Ducard speaks in some foreign troll language, which Shawn does not understand


    Ducard: What do you seek?


    ShawnMR: I seek the means….to predict box office. To correct those who misinform the public.


    Baumer once again speaks, again in foreign troll language


    Ducard: To provide correct analysis, you must first master your skills. Are you ready to begin?


    ShawnMR: I…I can barely stand.




    Ducard attacks Shawn, viciously destroying him with his box office knowledge




    He continues attacking him, Shawn is unable to fight back against Ducard’s box office skills


    Ducard: And make no mistake, here you will face the perils of box office


    Shawn aggressively switches posting styles to try and fight back against Ducard




    Ducard finally overwhelms Shawn once and for all; Shawn is knocked out, unable to post further. Ducard stands over Shawn, and examines him


    Ducard: You’re skilled. But this is not a dance. And you are afraid. But not of me. Tell me Mr. Shawn….what do you fear?




    We’re back in the past, when Shawn is a little kid, trapped in that well. He wakes up to find Brandon Gray over him, here to rescue him. He gets him out of the well and carries him back to Box Office Mojo


    Brandon Gray: It’s okay…it’s okay.


    As he passes by, Accursed Arachnid, the butler watches along with ECSTASY and her mother


    Accursed Arachnid: Will we be needing an ambulance Master Shawn?


    Brandon Gray: No, I’ll take care of it.


    Accursed Arachnid: Very good, sir. Took quite a fall, didn’t we Master Shawn?


    Brandon Gray: And why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.




    Sometime later, it’s clear that Shawn is still experiencing nightmares from the experience, having a nightmare before waking up


    Brandon Gray: The numbers again? You know why they attacked you right? They were afraid of you.


    ShawnMR: Afraid of me?


    Brandon Gray: All box office numbers feel fear.


    ShawnMR: Even the box office bombs?


    Brandon Gray (Chuckling): Especially the bombs. Hey I’ve got something to show you.


    He reveals a beautiful necklace


    Brandon Gray: You think she’ll like it?




    ShawnMR and Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Gray are on the internet, traveling to the Box Office Mojo forums


    ShawnMR: Did you build this?


    Brandon Gray: The internet has been good to our family, but the internet has been suffering from a lack of good places to view numbers. So we added many numbers and records to unite box office followers. And at the center…Box Office Mojo Tower.


    ShawnMR: Is that where you work?


    Brandon Gray: No I work at home. I leave the running of our company to much better men.


    ShawnMR: Better?


    Brandon Gray: Well….more interested men.




    ShawnMR and Brandon Gray are watching a stream with other Box Office Mojo members. Suddenly, the stream gets too intense for Shawn’s liking, reminding him of the box office numbers. He puts on a brave face, but eventually his fear is let known to Brandon


    ShawnMR: Can we go? Please.


    Brandon Gray: Okay. Let’s go.


    The family walks into the dark alleys of the internet. A bum is clearly in the background


    Brandon Gray: Oh don’t blame Shawn, I just needed some fresh air. A little bit of movie streaming goes a long way. Right, Shawn?


    Brandon notices the bum and begins to grow worried


    Brandon Gray: Come on, let’s go.


    The bum approaches them and reveals himself to be….RAY SUBERS! He threatens the family, as they are paralyzed with fear and unable to do anything


    Ray Subers: Gimme your website!


    Brandon Gray: That’s fine. Just take it easy. Take it easy.


    Ray drops the password to the website, unintentionally. Brandon makes no intention of making a move


    Brandon Gray: It’s fine. It’s fine. Now just take it and go.


    Suddenly Ray threatens Mrs. Gray and Brandon instinctively steps in causing Ray to shoot Brandon, banning him from the Internet. Mrs. Gray screams, and hunches over a near lifeless Brandon, and then Ray bans her too. Ray in a panic runs away after that. Brandon takes one last look at ShawnMR


    Brandon Gray: Shawn….it’s okay. Don’t be afraid.


    He passes, leaving a heartbroken and crying Shawn alone




    Shawn is later seen at the Internet police station, still crying. A young Redfirebird walks to him and puts a blanket around his shoulders, letting him know that the world hadn’t ended


    Redfirebird: It’s okay. It’s okay.


    John Marston the Debbie Downer walks, surprisingly kind of optimistic for once


    John Marston: Good news…we got him son.


    ShawnMR and Accursed Arachnid are at the funeral, along with Gitesh Pandya


    Gitesh Pandya: You’re in excellent hands Shawn. We’ll be watching over the box office. When you grow up, it’ll be waiting for you.




    Sometime later, Accursed Arachnid is shown bringing food to ShawnMR


    Accursed Arachnid: I thought I might prepare you a little supper.


    ShawnMR is silent. Accursed Arachnid turns around but ShawnMR suddenly speaks up


    ShawnMR: It was my fault Arachnid…I made them stop the streaming.


    Accursed Arachnid: No. It was nothing that you did. It was Ray, and Ray Subers alone. Do you understand?


    ShawnMR: I miss them Arachnid…


    Accursed Arachnid: So do I Master Shawn. So do I.



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    Welcome to Part 3 of Box Office Begins, my biggest update yet! I've already noticed several inconsistencies, but going between what is physical, and swapping between things on the internet has become a difficult challenge, so I hope you can forgive me. Just enjoy the read and take it for what it is :)



    We return to the present, where Ducard and ShawnMR discuss Shawn’s past


    Ducard: And do you still feel responsible for Brandon Gray’s banning?


    ShawnMR: My anger outweighs my guilt.


    Ducard: Come. You have learned to bury your guilt with anger. I will teach you to confront it and face the truth.


    A montage plays, changing back and forth between training sessions, depicting Shawn in a box office battle against Ducard, and bolstering his knowledge of box office


    Ducard: You know how to argue with six men, we can teach you how to engage six hundred. You know how to make projections. We can teach you how to become truly prophetic.


    ShawnMR engages with Ducard as the scene transitions to Ducard and Shawn going around the BoxOfficeTheory forums


    ShawnMR: Prophetic?


    Ducard speaks a foreign language as a forum member appears from above out of nowhere.


    Ducard: A box office analyst understands that projections are a matter of patience and logic.


    ShawnMR is shown engaging and skillfully dodging various argument and attacks from other box office theory members as Ducard watches. The scene once again returns to the battle as Ducard and ShawnMR continue to engage in box office battle, but it’s clear that Ducard has the upper hand


    Ducard: Always mind your surroundings.


    Now Ducard is showing ShawnMR how to make use of various techniques


    Ducard: Box office discussions also employ gifs.


    ShawnMR: As weapons?


    Ducard: Or distractions. Theatricality and deception are powerful agents. You must become more than a man in the mind of your opponent.


    The scene transitions to a forum member currently suspended for trolling, Ducard and ShawnMR watch as he is taken away in a cage


    ShawnMR: Who is he?


    Ducard: He was a poster. Then he tried to argue with another member and became a troller. Now he is suspended.


    ShawnMR: What will happen to him?


    Ducard: Justice. Breaking forum rules cannot be tolerated. Trollers thrive on the indulgence of the internet’s understanding.


    Once again, we return to the battle between ShawnMR and Ducard


    Ducard: Brandon Gray’s banning was not your fault. It was Brandon Gray’s.


    In a burst of anger, ShawnMR attacks Ducard with everything he’s got, but Ducard is still besting him with relative ease, knocking away any weapons ShawnMR might be able to use.


    Ducard: Anger does not change the fact that Brandon Gray failed to act.


    ShawnMR: Ray Subers had a weapon!


    Ducard: Would that stop you?


    ShawnMR: I’ve had training.


    Suddenly, Ducard attacks ShawnMR viciously, incensed by Shawn’s excuses for defending Brandon Gray




    ShawnMR then makes a desperate play, and manages to land a blow against Ducard in their box office battle. ShawnMR thinks he finally has the upper hand


    ShawnMR: Yield.


    Ducard: You haven’t beaten me. You’ve sacrificed your footing for a banning stroke.


    Ducard then uses the surroundings of the forum to his advantage, defeating ShawnMR.



    The next scene cuts to Ducard and ShawnMR talking, as Shawn recovers from his battle with Ducard


    Ducard: Rub your chest. Your arms will take care of themselves.


    You are stronger than Brandon Gray.


    ShawnMR: You didn’t Brandon Gray.


    Ducard: But I know the rage that drives you. That impossible anger strangling the grief…until the memory of your loved one is just poison in your veins. And one day, you catch yourself wishing that the person you loved had never existed, so you’d be spared your pain. I wasn’t always here in BoxOfficeTheory. Once, I had a wife. My great love.  She was…taken from me. Like you, I was forced to learn there are those without decency, who must be fought with no hesitation, with no pity. Your anger gives you great power, but if you let it, it will destroy you, as it almost did me.


    ShawnMR: What stopped it?


    Ducard: Vengeance.


    ShawnMR: That’s no help to me.


    Ducard: Why Shawn? Why could you not avenge Brandon Gray’s death?




    The scene transitions to the past once again, with ShawnMR having grown up, and returning from college to see the parole hearing of Ray Subers


    Accursed Arachnid: Will you be heading back to Princeton after the hearing?


    ShawnMR: I’m not heading back at all.


    Accursed Arachnid: You don’t like it there, sir?


    ShawnMR: I like it fine. They just don’t feel the same way. 

    Accursed Arachnid: Well I’ve prepared the master topic of the forum.


    ShawnMR: No, my part of the topic will be just fine.


    Accursed Arachnid: With all due respect, BoxOffice.Com is your website.


    ShawnMR: No it belongs to Brandon Gray.


    Accursed Arachnid: Brandon Gray is banned.


    ShawnMR: This place is a mausoleum. If I had it my way, I’d tear this website down, section by section.


    Accursed Arachnid: This website, Master Shawn, has sheltered six generations of your family.


    ShawnMR: Why do you give a damn, Arachnid? It’s not your website.


    Accursed Arachnid: I give a damn, because a good man once made me responsible for what was most precious to him in the whole world. Miss Dawes has offered to take you to the hearing. She hopes to talk you out of going.


    ShawnMR: Should I just bury the past out there with Brandon Gray, Arachnid?


    Accursed Arachnid: I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do with your past, sir. Just know that there are those of us who care about your future.


    ShawnMR: Haven’t given up on me?


    Accursed Arachnid: Nevah.




    ShawnMR is in the kitchen when an adult ECSTASY appears, now district attorney of the box office world of the internet


    ECSTASY: Accused Arachnid still keeps Hot Women/Hot men thread in the Real World section.


    ShawnMR: Hasn’t Arachnid noticed we’re old enough to be in those threads by now?


    ECSTASY: Old habits die hard I guess.


    ShawnMR: Never used to stop us anyway.


    ECSTASY: No it didn’t. She smiles


    ShawnMR: How’s your mom?


    ECSTASY: She misses this forum. So do I.


    ShawnMR: But it’s nothing without the people who made it what it was. Now there’s only Accursed Arachnid.


    ECSTASY: And you.


    ShawnMR: I’m not staying, ECSTASY


    ECSTASY: You’re just here for the hearing. Shawn, I don’t suppose there’s any way to convince you not to come.


    ShawnMR: Someone at this proceeding should stand for Brandon Gray.


    ECSTASY: We all loved them, Shawn. What Subers did is unforgivable.


    ShawnMR: Then why is your boss letting him go?


    ECSTASY: In internet prison, he shared a cell with Nikke Finke. He learned things, and he will testify against her in exchange for early parole.


    ShawnMR: ECSTASY, this man banned Brandon Gray. I cannot let that pass. And I need you to understand that, please.


    ECSTASY (With a resigned look): Okay.




    We’re now at the parole hearing of Ray Subers, facing his crimes for hijacking Box Office Mojo and banning Brandon Gray


    Water Bottle: The box office depression hit working people, like Ray Subers, hardest of all. His crime was appalling, yes. But it was motivated not by greed, but by desperation. Given the years served, and his extraordinary level of cooperation with one of this office’s most important investigations, we strongly endorse his petition for early unbanning.


    Judge Vanilla: Mr. Subers?


    Ray Subers: Your honor…not a day goes by that I wish I could take back what I did. Sure, I was desperate, like a lot of people back then. But that don’t change what I did.


    Judge Vanilla: I gather there is a member of the BoxOfficeMojo family here today? Has he got anything to say?


    ShawnMR stands up…and then walks out of the hearing, disgusted by this so called ‘justice.’ He walks outside waiting for Ray Subers to appear. He intends to ban him from the internet and dispense true justice. Suddenly, news reporters furiously surround the room where the hearing is


    Female reporter: Hey Ray! Ray! Nikke Finke says hi.


    Suddenly Ray is banned from the internet and the whole crowd goes into a mass panic. Shawn is stunned, as he gazes as the mayhem. ECSTASY walks over to Shawn


    ECSTASY: C’mon Shawn, we don’t need to see this.


    ShawnMR: I do.




    ShawnMR and ECSTASY have left the hearing, discussing what just happened


    ECSTASY: Water Bottle couldn’t understand why Judge Vanilla insisted on making the hearing public. Finke paid him off and to get Subers out in the open.


    ShawnMR: Maybe I should thank her.


    ECSTASY: You don’t mean that.


    ShawnMR: What if I do, ECSTASY? Brandon Gray deserved justice.


    ECSTASY: You’re not talking about justice, you’re talking about revenge.


    ShawnMR: Sometimes they’re the same.


    ECSTASY: No, they’re never the same. Justice is about harmony, revenge is about making yourself feel better. It’s why we have an impartial system.


    ShawnMR: Your system is broken.


    ECSTASY: You care about justice? Look beyond your own pain, Shawn. The internet is rotting. They talk about Y2K as if it’s history, it’s not. Things are worse than ever here ( :lol: ). Finke floods our streets with horrible numbers and terrible weekend multipliers, preying on the desperate, creating new Ray Subers’ every day. Finke may not have destroyed Brandon Gray, but she’s destroying everything that he stood for. You wanna thank her for that?  Here you go. We all know where to find her. As long as she keeps the bad people rich and the good people scared, no one will touch her. What chance does the internet have if good people do nothing?


    ShawnMR: I’m not one of your good people, Rachel. All these years, I wanted to ban him. And now I can’t.


    ShawnMR reveals a gun, having been prepared to ban Ray Subers from the internet. ECSTASY slaps ShawnMR in disgust.


    ECSTASY: Brandon Gray would be ashamed of you.




    ShawnMR stands outside of Deadline Hollywood, where Nikke Finke awaits. ShawnMR steps inside and approaches Nikke Finke. Finke is getting hammered with several glasses of wine and some screw drivers. He is searched by one of Finke’s bodyguards


    Nikke Finke: You’re taller than you look in the tabloids, Mister Shawn. No gun? I’m insulted. You could’ve just sent a thank you e-mail.


    ShawnMR: I didn’t come here to thank you. I came to show you that not everyone on the internet is afraid of you.


    Nikke Finke: Only those who know me kid. Look around you, you’ll see two councilmen, a union official, couple off duty moderators, and a judge. I wouldn’t have a second’s hesitation off banning you right in front of them. Now that’s power that you can’t buy. That’s the power of fear.


    ShawnMR: I’m not afraid of you.


    Nikke Finke: Because you think you got nothing to lose. But you haven’t thought it through. You haven’t thought about your little lady friend in the DA’s office. Or your old butler. BANG! People from your world, have so much to lose. Now you think, because Mr. and Mrs. Gray got shot, you know about the ugly side of life, but you don’t. You haven’t tasted desperate. You’re, you’re ShawnMR, the prince of box office. You’d have to go deep into the depths of the internet to meet someone who didn’t know your name. So don’t come here with your anger, trying to prove something to yourself.  This is a world you’ll never understand. And you always fear, what you don’t understand.


    The bodyguards punch Shawn, as he is taken away from Deadline


    Nikke Finke: Yeah you got spirit, kid, I’ll give you that. More than Brandon Gray anyway. In the joint, Subers told me about the night he banned. Brandon Gray. He said that Brandon Gray begged for mercy. Begged. Like a dog.




    ShawnMR is thrown outside of Deadline where a random internet poster notices


    The Stingray: Should have commented better.


    ShawnMR walks away and hands the Stingray some money, as he proceeds to delete his avatar


    The Stingray: For what?


    ShawnMR: Your avatar.


    The Stingray: Hey hey hey,  let me have it. This is a nice avatar…


    ShawnMR: Be careful who sees you with that. They’re gonna come looking for me.


    The Stingray: Who?


    ShawnMR: Everyone.


    The Stingray: This…this is a nice avatar.



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    • Founder / Operator

    This seriously has me floored. I'd totally pin this in the main forum, but I'm afraid it would be misinterpreted as a stroking of my ego. Quite the opposite... this is one of the most clever things I've seen in all my years around the box office forum community. I literally can't wait for the rest.


    Ducard: You haven’t beaten me. You’ve sacrificed your footing for a banning stroke.


    We need to start using this in our messages sent to suspended/banned members. :rofl:

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    • Founder / Operator

    No joke: around the time when Brandon left Mojo, I was on the verge of quitting the Derby and the probably leaving the forums. Not necessarily connected, but, strangely fitting here...

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    Cast me in part no matter what it is. I am nolanite and need to be part of this so badly.  :(


    I'll get you in, don't worry. However, don't be too upset if it's not for Begins! I wanna save roles for TDK and TDKR.


    In fact, I'm making you Hockey Pads guy.




    This seriously has me floored. I'd totally pin this in the main forum, but I'm afraid it would be misinterpreted as a stroking of my ego. Quite the opposite... this is one of the most clever things I've seen in all my years around the box office forum community. I literally can't wait for the rest.



    We need to start using this in our messages sent to suspended/banned members. :rofl:


    I'm not sure what's more ego stroking, making an adaptation of Batman Begins starring you, or the leader of these forums complimenting me so. I will likely do another update this weekend so we can get to the part where Bruce returns to Gotham, so it'll be a short part. Then AMC will be airing Batman Begins on the 15th which should spur enough motivation for me to do a bigger update. That's when we can finally get to RTH as Lucius Fox, and more of Gitesh and Redfirebird. And other surprises too!

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    I'll get you in, don't worry. However, don't be too upset if it's not for Begins! I wanna save roles for TDK and TDKR.


    In fact, I'm making you Hockey Pads guy.

    NOOOOO, don't punish me like that. 

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