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What should Captain America 3's tagline be?

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Captain America: No More

CA No more was a great story and depending on how AoU unfolds it could set up Bucky as Cap w/o killing off Steve. This story introduced John Walker as USAgent but we can sub in Bucky as Cap for the shield slinging equivelant. Although I do dig Walker and his USAgent uniform. 


Captain America: Operation Rebirth

From Mark Waid is a story of taking Cap back to his basics. But, it could imply here something more akin to the rebuilding of SHIELD. Again, depending on what happens in AoU and the AoS tv show. It also features the Red Skull who I'd like shown as returning from being trapped/imprisoned within Asgard or one of the Nine Realms. Bring him into the present that way + that's a tie to Bucky also. 


The Secret Empire, maybe?


**Subtitle, not tagline lol

Secret Empire is also a good one. Was that an Englehart story? It first, or dominantly showed beyond one issue, that Steve would walk away from the Cap identity if push came to shove for integrity reasons? Falcon was around I believe then. I need to re-read that one.

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