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SOTM 8: The Blame Tele Question (Deadline is June 19, 11:59pm)

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(This SOTM has the Baumer Seal of Approval™) 


For the following films, here are some target numbers:


Transformers: Age of Extinction - $165m

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - $120m

Hercules - $80m

Think Like a Man Too - $55m

Into the Storm - $45m


Which film will reach its target first? For example, you would choose Into the Storm if you think it will reach $45m before any of the others reaches their target. In the event of a tie, any correct answer will gain points — so for example, if Hercules and Think Like a Man Too are the fastest and both reach their targets in 7 days, anyone who chose those two films will receive points.


10,000 if right. 

-12,000 if wrong.

2,000 if you abstain.


Failure to answer results in -15,000.



List the order in which they will pass their respective targets. You must list all 5 in the correct order. Miss any one of them and you lose. If you think a film will not reach its target, mention that as well (and obviously put it at the bottom of your list).


An additional 15,000 if you're right, an additional -18,000 if you are wrong.


You can earn up to 25,000 points, or lose up to 30,000 points, depending on your choices.


The deadline is Thursday, June 19, 11:59pm (midnight) - Pacific Daylight Time.

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