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Michael Mann's "Untitled" cyberthriller - over 100m in China Club

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Michael Mann's current project stars Chris Hemsworth and Leehom Wang as an American hacker and Chinese military officer who team up to take out a hacker network.


It's due to be released in the US in January 2015. No release date yet for China (as far as I know).


With the huge explosion of the Chinese market, and the huge popularity of Wang in China, I think this can buck the trend and hit 100m there, even though it's not your typical 3D/sci-fi/fantasy tentpole.


Who's with me?


True Believers







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Admittedly I know very little about the nuances of the Chinese market (aside from reading the International Numbers threads), so I have no idea whether this target is absurdly impossible or absurdly easy.


Very hard. China has been ignoring a lot of major Hollywood releases lately. They especially don't take kind to Hollywood making movies based in their own country (not that Cypher has that problem).

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