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SOTM 2 - Classic with a twist

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Which film's gross will Gone Girl surpass by the end of the game:



1. Daredevil 102.543M   

2. Enemy of the State 111.549  

3. The Sum of all Fears 118.907M 

4. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 127.509M


5. Argo 136.025M

6. The Smurfs 142.614M

7.  Les Miserables 148.809M

8. The Sound of Music 158.671M


9. Casino Royale 167.446M

10. The Bourne Supremacy 176.241

11. Mr and Mrs Smith 186.336M

12. Pearl Harbour 198.542M


Point structure:


1) 2000 if right/-3000 if wrong

2) 3000 if right/-4000 if wrong

3) 4000 if right/-5000 if wrong

4) 5000 if right/-6000 if wrong

5) 6000 if right/-8000 if wrong

6) 8000 if right/ -10,000 if wrong

7) 10,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

8) 12,000 if right/ -14,000 if wrong

9) 14,000 if right/ -16,000 if wrong

10) 16,000 if right/-20,000 if wrong

11) 20,000 if right/-25,000 if wrong

12) 25,000 if right/-30,000 if wrong





You can choose to take one of two paths for answering this question:


PATH A: This is the standard style for answering this question. Just choose your number and win/lose the points stated.


For Example: You choose number 3. The Sum of all Fears 118.907M and if Gone Girl grosses anything from 118.907M - 798.455 or anything you win the points. If it grosses even a dollar less then you lose them.



PATH B: For the lionhearted among you... the choice is the same, but this time you must choose the correct exact window.


For Example: You choose number 3. The Sum of all Fears 118.907M, Gone Must outgross sum of all fears (118.907M) but it must not outgross the next film on the list (in this case 4. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button 127.509M) if it does, you lose.


So why choose path B? because if you get it right, your winnings are doubled! However, get it wrong and your losses will be doubled.



Please answer the question as follows:



Path A / Path B


3. The Sum of all Fears 118.907M (or whatever film you choose)



Abstain for 1000 points


No prediction = lose 10,000 points



Any questions just ask.



Deadline is the same deadline as the Week 2 weekly questions.


Good Luck


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You're friggin evil.  I was pretty confident on SOTM 1 and managed to botch it up badly so I think I'm going to be a little more conservative this time.


Path B - 12!  No, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.


*Path A - 2*

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