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There have been or will be some smaller imported releases this month (Begin Again, Shaun The Sheep, Good People)...perhaps so SARFT can claim they don't really enforce a "true" protection period. Commercial Hollywood films won't be released until August.

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I thought there will be no Hollywood movie till August?

it is not real Hollywood film,just some indie films can release in protection month.Like begin again ,the imitation game (and they are both starring by Keria Knightley ) Edited by bangbingchan
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There is still no release date set for Minions or any other commercial Hollywood film...when it is announced, it will be posted here almost immediately so just hold your goddamn horses. In the meantime, continue drinking your yellow kool-aid and calm down.

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Terminator 5 - August 23rd(Sunday)

А зори здесь тихие - - August 25th(Tuesday)

Mission Impossible 5 - September 8th(Tuesday)

Minions - September 13th(Sunday)

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Damn. But as long as IO opens in China I am ok with it. How about Fantastic four? will that get a release?

I don't think F4 will release in China. No slot available. If it doesn't come out by October 1st week then I doubt if ever gets released. Many big movies are releasing in October, November and December.

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