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ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE | 344.5 M overseas ● 408.6 M worldwide

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Wikipedia - Animation Page:


Highest-grossing animated franchises and film series[edit]

The following chart is a list of the highest-grossing animated film franchises. The top five are among the highest-grossing film franchises of all-time and, respectively, are ranked 13th, 17th, 19th, 21th and 25th of all time. The Despicable Me franchise has the highest per-film average, with over $891.1 million per film. All franchises byDreamWorks Animation (who are the most represented studio with four franchises), Pixar, Blue Sky, 20th Century Fox are on the list. A given franchise needs to have at least two theatrically released films to be on this list.

  + Background shading indicates that at least one film in the series is playing in the week commencing 22 July 2016 in theaters around the world.
Highest-grossing animated franchises and film series[§] (The films in each franchise can be viewed by selecting "show")
Rank Series Total worldwide box office No. of films Average of films Highest-grossing film
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10 minutes ago, Purple Minion said:

Deadline is also reporting it: " Meanwhile, Fox has some big news as its long-running franchise Ice Age just pushed over the $3B mark in box office receipts, surpassing Shrek for the honor. "

Wikipedia puts the Shrek franchise's WW total at $2,955,807,005.

They aren't counting Puss in Boots. But it should be, because it's a spinoff. Wikipedia is counting it so I guess it's fair to include it. Just as Minions are part of DM.


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This movie's OS run has been kind of embarrassing. It grossed nearly $700m OS in 2009, doubling its animated competitors. Same story in 2012. Today, it has a very good chance of not even making the Yearly Top 5 OS (for animated movies).

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Ice Age: Collision Course rolled to an additional estimated $19.5m from its 61 markets for $211.6m to date.

The animation opened in Poland ($1.5m) and Hong Kong ($884k), while it held well in the likes of Brazil ($1.7m for $19.3m), Germany ($1.4m for $18.9m) and Argentina ($1.3m for $14.5m).

Collision Course opens in nine markets next week, including the UAE, before releases in Italy on Aug 22 and China on Aug 23.


Source: Screen Daily


61% drop per BoxOffice


Thinking 370M+ OS and 70M+ USA = 440M WW

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3 hours ago, YourMother said:

Who ever thought that IA5 might make less than KFP3 WW?

actually both surprised me, the fact that KFP3 made that little wss very surprising to begin with:lol:, I thought it would be a Billion dollar contender potentially...

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44 minutes ago, Quigley said:


I think Ice Age's dom share will also fall below 10%

Let's not dramatize. If this finishes with 65-70m DOM, it would require over 540m OS to fall behind 10%. I think it will be in 15-20% range, on par to IA4.

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