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The Super Duper Official BOT Top Movie Songs Countdown!

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The thread is here!


Music and movies have gone hand in hand since the dawn of cinema, be it the man on the piano or live orchestra playing along as the silent film played on  screen:



The full wonder of a perfect, full orchestral score:



or as we will be counting down here: the movie song.


The perfect movie songs can turn a good scene into a great scene and there are even times when the song can end up being more memorable than the film itself.


The types of songs that were eligible for this list: (None of these examples received a single vote, let along made the top 100)


The Musical:



The song written especially for the movie:



The classic (or not so classic) existing song commissioned to fit into a scene:



and of course... ANIMATION!!!!




After receiving these lists, it is clear that certain movie moments resonate across the spectrum of moviegoers whereas others appear to have special meanings to a select few.


But which sentiment will win out in the end?

Which song will stand tall at the top of the list?

Will Disney inevitably blast away all competition?


All these questions and more will be answered as we finally begin this countdown!!!


... In 3 or 4 hours time. :)*



* Which means there is still a tiny amount of time to PM me a last minute list. More info exists here:





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Looking forward to this list! 


9 minutes ago, chasmmi said:


The types of songs that were eligible for this list: (None of these examples received a single vote, let along made the top 100)

The song written especially for the movie:




* Which means there is still a tiny amount of time to PM me a last minute list. More info exists here:


Aww, I'll make a symbolic vote for this song as my 101th. It's my guilty pleasure.

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Spoiling the video so it doesn't take up as much of the quote for a one line reply
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11 minutes ago, Free State of Tele said:


Dammit, I should've put this one in mine too. 


I saw this film again last week and realised that I really loved the use of songs in this.


It is a great film to me and I love the story.

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How Films are Ranked:


1st - By number of points (obviously)

2nd - By number of Votes

3rd - By number of 1st place votes

4th by number of 2-5th place votes

5th - By Number of 6-10th place votes

6th - By asking the great monkey king: Lord Hashi which song they prefer



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So, I suppose we should begin with the number one hundred... wait what's that? Oh it appears that with 673 songs split across 21 voters, it has been decided that we won't be doing a top 100 anymore. Sorry folks.


It's going to be 150 :)


So with that said...


=150th - 22points (votes)





Spoonful of Sugar - Mary Poppins and Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid


Well this may ease the early fears folks may have of total Disney domination, because if Poor Unfortunate Souls can only just crack 150th, the there must be more non-animated gems out there than people maybe thought.


I think it goes without saying that we may not have seen the last of either of these films on this list. Mary Poppins and Little Mermaid are both classics in their genre. Both are films that many of us will have watched countless times as a child regardless of how old (or new) the films may have been at the time.


Personally for me, Souls edges it as one of the great Disney villain songs and even though Spoonful of sugar is great too, I find a couple of other songs in the film to be noticeably stronger. (I'm also slightly sad because my favourite Mary Poppins song came in at a mere 325th (Chim Chimney)


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=149th - 23 points ( 2 votes - 1 top 10)



I See Fire - The Hobbit


So umm for the first (and not last time) on this list we have a song from a film I haven't seen. The song is a nice little song though and I assume accompanied some Smaug-like scene with all the fire references.


The Hobbit suffers a lot from being viewed as a lesser follow up to the LOTR trilogy and that could be reason for the song placing reasonably low, or it could just be that it didn't stick in the minds of many voters as a song to remember from a scene (or credits).

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Three way tie for 146th, 147th, 148th...

=146th - 24 points ( 2 votes)






When will my Life Begin - Tangled

Beautiful Ride - Walk Hard

Rhythm of the Night - The Last Dragon


Well those are three very different songs. We have the obligatory Disney addition with the opening song of the sometimes criminally underrated Tangled. We have Beautiful Ride - a song I discovered existed today and is a pretty nice little tune from a film that sounds like it would be potentially great or could be not so great.


And then there is rhythm of the night which I would argue is one of a fair few songs on this list where the song has outgrown the film. An 80's dance classic that has all the cool that it feels like the film was trying to aim for, but maybe I am just not the right guy to appreciate this cult classic.


Anyhow, I think there's something for everyone in that little group.

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And a three way tie for 143rd, 144th, 145th...

=143rd - 24 points ( 3 votes)





Everybody's Talkin' - Midnight Cowboy

Someday my Prince Will Come - Snow White

Extreme Ways - Bourne Ultimatum


Another grab bag of music genres there with a bit of Nillson, Disney of course and then Moby. Everybody's Talkin' introduced us to Midnight Cowboy - One of the most critically acclaimed films of all time (and the only x-rated film to win Best Picture). It's a great song and although not written for the film, the version commissioned for Nillson to sing really fits the opening credits well and certainly is still fondly remembered 40... no wait 50! years later.


Snow White may be the original Disney animation, but song wise it doesn't receive the love of either more modern efforts or the classic period. This is the highest peak for a Snow White song on this list with the only other entrant at all being 'I'm Wishing' at 375th.


Bourne Ultimatum is possibly the best of all the Bourne's so far and a film franchise I am happy to see returning. I will admit to not being able to place the Moby song within the context of the film, but clearly there are folks out there much more into Moby's Dope and funky beats than I :)





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It's time for the '1 Vote Wonders'. There were four songs out there that a single voter dubbed 'greatest of all time' only to receive zero common consensus from other contributors. This post is the place for those 4 songs to shine


=139th - 25 points ( 1 vote, 1 1st place)







Help - Help

About Today - Warrior

We Have All the Time in the World - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Imagine - The Killing Fields


One of these songs is not like the others :)


No offence to About today, which is a nice song that works well to add something to its scene, but purely as songs, the other three here are on another level. Help is pure Beatles Brilliance and possibly only saw the one vote because, dare I say it, it's not the best film ever made? You cannot argue with the quality of the song though.


Bond themes take on a role as legendary as the films they precede. Being chosen to perform a Bond song brings a level of prestige to it and the great ones can sometimes outlive even the films they introduce. This is one of the better themes from the franchise, but I do not expect it to be the last time we see Mr Bond make an appearance.


Killing fields is clearly just cheating by using Lennon, that song makes anything feel poignant and tear-jerky :P 

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Just the two up next:


=137th - 25 points ( 2 vote, 1 top 10 place)




Xanadu - Xanadu

El Tango De Roxanne - Moulin Rouge

Well I would have lost money in Baumer and Tele proportions if you were to suggest to me that the highest rated Olivia Newton John song would be... well what was that I don't even? :) But Yes Xanadu is officially the ONJ song that we all know and love and hold dear to our hearts. As opposed to that flop unknown film: Grease whose highest entry was 172nd with 'You're the one that I want'.


As for Moulin Rouge - that film is a glorious victory for style and pomp in our musicals. It is silly, over the top and at times garish, yet it all fits together so well. I for one am disappointed that we will only see the Windmill Club make one further mark on this list in the future.  



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And two more up next:


=135th - 25 points ( 3 votes)




Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Meet Me in St Louis

You'll be in my Heart - Tarzan


Well Judy Garland was quite pretty back in the day wasn't she? It's a classic Christmas song from a classic movie and probably should be higher, but it still gives representation to the classics which is always a good thing in these lists.


...But that isn't the big story here, that crown goes to the welcome return (after 8 whole songs!!) of Disney! Yay!!! Seriously though, say what you will about Disney's decision to have a soundtrack instead of a musical for this film, Phil Collins does put his all into this song and even though it may make the whole thing feel a little like 'Lion King Lite' in the grand scheme of things, I personally approve of this songs entry onto the list and that is all that matters :) 



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Awesome start!


150 -

I quite like "Spoonful of Sugar", but couldn't quite vote for it since I tried to keep it to songs that enhanced the scene in question (hard to judge for a musical in particular). If I could have voted again, I think I might have included this and a few other Mary Poppins songs.


I definitely agree "Poor Unfortunate Souls" is one of the better villain songs, but The Little Mermaid in particular is tough to include more from since so many of their other numbers are so iconic.


149 -

I really love the song, but really can't say I remember it having added to the film in any way (I seem to remember it was the ending credits track?). In my opinion, "Misty Mountains" is more memorable and impactful.


146-148 -

Think I probably put this song into the top 150 by voting for it in my top 15. I love Tangled and this just edges out "I See The Light" for me.


Never seen Walk Hard, but this is a pretty good song. Can't say I've heard of The Last Dragon either, but the song is pretty upbeat. 


143-145 -

My age probably shows, haven't seen this film either. I don't really manage to catch many older films unless they were on Film 4 (which seems to love to show black and white thrillers in the afternoon). 


I quite like all the classic Disney animations. Think this is probably the best out of the princess looking for a prince ones they did. But maybe that's just because I like the dwarves better than the animal companions in Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty. 


Not a huge fan of the Bourne series (they blurred a bit into each other), but I definitely remember this song from them. 


Whoops, this accidentally got really long.


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