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The Super Duper Official BOT Top Movie Songs Countdown!

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117th - 30 points (3 votes)



Uncle Fucker - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Never has such a stupid song been so clever. This was the first DVD I ever owned (or watched), I'd never seen the film before and wasn't exactly in love with South Park at the time. But it came as part of a set upon buying the player so I put it on with a couple of friends and I think I didn't stop laughing all the way through the song. It is so good and I'd love to see South Park return to the big screen one more time before its all over.




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116th - 30 points (4 votes)



Where is my Mind - Fight Club


I'm not going to spoiler every film on this list (song are nearly 100 years old for Pete's sake), but this is quite a spoilerish moment of Fight Club so it's best to keep it rapped up.


When I saw this song get votes, I was not familiar with the song name but I guessed it must be the song that played when that scene happened what be in the spoiler tags like. It makes sense to see this on the list as that is an iconic scene in cinema and the music helps make it that way. Hey it may be on of the best scenes of its nature ever put to film and if you had replaced this song with something by Enrique Inglesias, it's possible that would no longer be the case.


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115th - 30 points (6 votes)



Wait! That's not it...



Stuck in the Middle With You - Reservoir Dogs


So as you can see this one got a lot of love at the lower reaches of folks' charts. In fact it's first 4 votes were all for a single solitary point before someone (Tele I believe) gave it a whopping 80th place and 2 points and then a late voter gave it the points it needed to feature on this list. (Fun Fact: the next time we see another song with even 5 votes will be at 101st place and for 6, we have to wait until 49th!)


I can understand it though as it is a great scene and one that I feel really justifies allowing films not written specifically for a scene onto the list. It is such a contrast to the visuals we are given on screen and another piece of evidence that Tarantino is a man who knows how to use a soundtrack for his scenes.  


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50 minutes ago, chasmmi said:

A triple bill now...


=118th 30 points (2 votes, 1 top 10)




What's This - Nigthmare Before Christmas

Nightcall - Drive

Two Worlds - Tarzan

Oh Burton how we used to love you (even though as we all know this was not a Tim Burton film except, come on it clearly is :) ). Nevertheless its a jaunty little number from a film that gets a lot of worthy praise followed by a lot of bemusement from those who haven't seen it that maybe get confused as to what time of year this film is for. IS it a Halloween film or a Christmas film? Still a good song though.


Nightcall is an opening credit song to a film I never got to see so I can't make too much comment on that one. Which leads us to Tarzan: the first film to appear twice on this list (Spoilers: it will only appear twice). I'm personally surprised that this beat out You'll be in my heart for Tarzan's number one and although I like both songs, I must say I am a little surprised by the (admittedly lower reaches of the chart) love that Tarzan received in this vote.  (For the record Son of Man ended in 152nd place and strangers like me was 178th).




I'm surprised that none of the Tarzan songs made it into the top 100. it's probably in my top 5 favorite Disney soundtracks. :unsure:

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Just now, TalismanRing said:


I had Philadelphia (not the posted Streets of Philadelphia) at 11 so ...


I meant streets of Philadelphia.

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=113th - 31 points (3 votes)





Starman - The Martian

White Christmas - Holiday Inn


Getting close to cracking the top 100 now with two songs that couldn't be much further apart in the respective ages of their films. It's also nice to bring together the two legends that were Bowie and Bing in the one post.


Obviously Holiday Inn and White Christmas is one of those classic all time famous songs that even James will have heard of. It will be remembered long after all of us are forgotten.


The Martian however had a fun use of soundtrack in its film (my favourite film of 2015, so I have bias) and the break from Disco to give us a bit of Bowie was quite lovely and of course really suits the theme of both song and movie. They would have found it very difficult to write an original song that could could as well as Starman did.




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112th - 31 points (3 votes, 1 top 10)


Whoops, it happened again...



Gangster's Paradise - Dangerous Minds


Another song I will wager surpasses its film origin in fame because I cannot tell you very much about the film at all except that it is about a teacher it seems. But the song is a stone cold classic and I am happy to see it make an appearance.


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111th - 31 points (3 votes, 1 top 5)


This is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas

Maybe a minor shock to see this film sneak two songs into the top 150, but it isn't undeserved. This is a pretty nifty little opening number that really sets the tone for what to expect from the film. It's catchy, a little dark, sticks in the head and overall just does a damn good job of worldbuilding and creating a universe for us to immerse ourselves in for the next 85 minutes.


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110th - 31 points (4 votes)



YES!!!! Alf made the list! I can't believe it, that is just awesome, he was like my favourite TV character as a ki... what? well fuck you Tom Cruise! :( 



Old Time Rock and Roll - Risky Business


I kid Tom, don't worry. I love 1980's Tom Cruise. Even though the action stuff seems to be getting better and better the last few years, there is a part of me that would love to see him take a risk again and do something comedic or dramatic. Even just another Tropic Thunder type role would be fun.


This is a great scene, it upstages the whole film to be fair, but then that is what this list is about: times when the music gets to take centre stage, and this time it really does.


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Big group coming up...

=106th - 32 points (2 votes, 1 top 10)





Ol' Man River - Showboat

Sinnerman - Thomas Crown

Gee Officer Krupke - West Side Story

Elephant Song Medley - Moulin Rouge


Well that is quite the group to wrap my head around. We've got Tele's theme tune at the top there, followed by the immortal Nina Simone. Then there is the first appearance of West Side Story and finally there is all the songs ever crammed into a 4 minute scene (including some future spoilers for this list grrr).

The biggest compliment I can give to Showboat is that I recognise the song, that is a pretty big deal when it comes to me and black and white cinema. Sinnerman does its job well in its scene and is a lovely song. West Side Story will likely appear again so there is plenty of time to talk about that.


For Moulin Rouge though, this is the second and final time that it will appear. (Other entries were Your Song at 245th, Come What May at 347 and Lady Marmalade at 442nd.)


But tragically zero love at all for:




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