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Jason Bourne OS Thread

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Cannot find an official thread even with the movie already playing in some countries...weird. Anyway.


The Bourne Identity (2002) - 92m

The Bourne Supremacy (2004) - 112m

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) -215m

The Bourne Legacy (2012) - 162m


So far its looking at a good opening in the UK and pulled a very good OD in S.Korea. A total under 300m OS would surprise me.

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Long article on Deadline:


Jason Bourne rode into 46 international markets last night to gross $22.8M, marking the biggest opening day abroad in the Bourne franchise history. Universal is estimating a weekend of $49M right now, which would also become the biggest debut internationally for any film in the Bourne series. Combined with the U.S. opening weekend estimate of $60M+, the estimated worldwide total will be cracking the $100M ceiling — putting it potentially at $109M+ through Sunday. Right now, and not surprisingly, it’s the No. 1 film worldwide and has opened to No. 1 spots in 28 of its 46 markets. And this is before it opens in China. It makes it way there on Aug. 23.


This film will probably mark the first time that international outweighs domestic for the franchise, given the China release to come and seeing that it already bested the previous franchise high of $17.5M in the U.K. which historically has always embraced the Bourne films. In 2007, The Bourne Ultimatum was the previous high point for the franchise, taking in $215.3M internationally with domestic besting it with $227.4M.
In market-by-market breakdowns, Jason Bourne opened in the U.K. and Ireland yesterday with an estimated $2.2M coming in behind the family favorite Finding Dory. Combined with the 2 days of previews the film has grossed $5.2M and marks the biggest opening of the franchise and the best Matt Damon opening ever in this territory.

The actioner opened in South Korea on Wednesday and since has grossed $5.1M in only three days, placing behind two local Korean titles which are dominating the summer holiday box officer there. Together, the three titles have sucked all the air out of the box office, accounting for 85% of moviegoing. Regardless, in this market, Jason Bourne is still on track to become the biggest opening weekend for the Bourne franchise there.
Speaking of marketshare, in Australia Jason Bourne has a 55% market share of all films in release with a two-day gross of $2.3M and a No. 1 ranking. It is also the biggest Bourne opening and biggest opening for Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon in this market.
The film is said to be “off to a very good start” in Spain (No. 1) with a $569K bow so far — also the biggest opening day for the Bourne franchise in that country.
The film still has some major markets to release as well, including the aforementioned China and also Mexico where it hits on Aug. 26 and Russia on Sept. 1.



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Powering into 46 international markets day-and-date with North America, Jason Bourne muscled to an estimated $50.1m debut. The action sequel led the chart in 27 territories, propelled by the biggest opening of the franchise in South Korea with $11.2m from 349 dates and the UK with a five-day $10.2m bow from 563 dates. Other highlights included the biggest Bourne opening in Australia with a chart-topping $5.7m from 282 dates, and the film also debuted at number one in Taiwan and Spain with $2.1m and $1.8m, respectively. Jason Bourne has 20 more territories to release, starting with Argentina, Egypt, India and Slovenia next weekend. China opens on Aug 23, Mexico on Aug 26 and Russia on Sept 1.



Other No. 1 market debuts include Indonesia ($1.6M); the Philippines ($1.5M); the Netherlands ($1.4M); the UAE ($1.2M); and Sweden ($1M). Brazil opened No. 4 with $1.4M.


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Universal’s 2nd week holdover grossed $20.9M in 50 international markets, bringing the offshore total to $91.9M. The worldwide tally is now $195.4M. There were four additions in the frame with each giving JB a record for the franchise; this film has its sights on being the top overseas grosser of the series. India was a No. 2 start for a non-local pic with $1.1M, followed by Argentina which came out of the gate at No. 3 with $635K. That is the best-ever opening for star Matt Damon. Egypt came in at No. 2 with a better than expected $125K and Slovenia packed $37K. The UK is the top holdover at No. 3 behind Suicide Squad and Dory and now has cumed $18.4M. Australia is also at No. 3 with a $10.4M total after 11 days. Still to come are key markets like France and Germany next weekend with China bowing August 23, followed by Mexico on August 26 and Russia on September 1.

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