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July OS madness: Pick your winner

July OS Battle  

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  1. 1. Which movie will have the highest gross overseas?

    • The Amazing Spider-Man
    • Ice Age: Continental Drift
    • The Dark Knight Rises
  2. 2. Do you think these three movies will do over $2 Billion combined?

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Right I like this one very much TDKR 750 IA4(btw ) 700TASM 520Going a little conservative here since they are very close to each other and competition will be fierce ... still though either TDKR or IA4 is breaking the 800 mil mark but I'm not sure about that yet ... will probably go with TDKR when time arrives

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Ice Age 4 will win this fairly easily. You've got Russia expanding like crazy and we all know how well Ice Age movies do there. Ice Age will also see very high grosses in Europe. With 3D and a steady ship, this will beat TDKR by a margin.TDKR won't increase that much. I see it at 625m.The Amazing Spider-Man will be Asian territory. Even with China and 3D prices, I don't see it overtaking the other 2 at the moment with the reboot factor going on.

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You are all underestimating TDKR The rule of a second sequel increasing is gonna be in effect plus its coming of a beloved film if SM3 managed to increase 150 mil then TDKR is bound to do that too so that's 600 mil right there ... add China and 650 mil will happen easily

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TDKR is 2D and the bat movies were never that huge OS, how come it suddenly cross 700M OS mark ? Only 2 2D movies (TITANIC and ROTK) in history did that.

China will do $100-150m alone.But I must also add that im not saying it will do over $700m - my prediction is 650. Edited by Robertron
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I thought IA4 would win this, bt now it changed. IA4 is animation, after all. However the TWO will be very close.TASM 910MIA4 900MTDKR 550M2.36B combined

That's ridiculous. $910m is Potter territory. There is no way ASM is coming anywhere close to that.
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