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300 (2006)

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50 minutes ago, filmlover said:

This is a 2007 release.

Thank you for confirming my post above yours. 


I actually did check before starting the thread and it said 2006 which I momentarily thought was strange as people were saying it came out 10 years  ago but couldn't be bothered undertaking a more thorough investigation. 


Apparently it screened at a Harry Knowles film festival in 2006 and therefore is listed in many places as a 2006 film. 

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31 minutes ago, John Marston said:

This movie was not only huge in theaters but a gigantic DVD seller



and I still see people quoting this damn movie 

I posted in the Wednesday thread yesterday that I watched this movie with a group of friends a few years ago and some of them literally shouted the most iconic lines along with the movie. It's always kinda amused me that a movie essentially featuring a bunch of half-naked buff dudes running around doing plenty of killing became such a dudebro classic.

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It was truly a perfect storm of great advertising and perfect positioning in the release schedule. It was an event unlike anything since the preceding summer, and it broke out accordingly. Even so, I was shocked to see an R-rated non-sequel with no bankable stars hit $70 million and break the March record that Ice Age: The Meltdown had set the year before.


Even though this is totally speculation and I'm sure the film did indeed play like gangbusters with its target audience, I've always thought that part of Wild Hogs's incredible staying power came from teenagers buying tickets to sneak into 300. ;)

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On 3/18/2017 at 11:30 PM, excel1 said:

I hate this movie because it gave Snyder a career for the next 10 years

Don't blame it on this great movie. Blame it on WB for lacking critical thinking, by keeping him on longer than he should've

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On 3/10/2017 at 1:17 AM, aabattery said:

Eagerly awaiting the year that the adjusted gross reaches 300 million. We're at 264M right now.

With IMAX and ticket prices added in, I think this would have been over 300M now.


But then again, these types of movies don't do that well anymore and it would likely be a Netflix original.


I actually have not watched 300 in English to this day, the only show which was available on opening day was a Hindi dub, it was fun to hear the bad dubbing.

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This was my first true breakout call. Everyone was saying "this should do over $30m, high breakout opening weekend" and I said $60m was happening. I really did not care for this film, the style simply wasn't for me. But "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" lives in cinematic eternity. 

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