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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(IV)OR: Episode 8 - En Guardian!

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1 hour ago, Arlborn said:

I'm glad everyone is finally recognizing my genius. :cloud9:


It's hard to dislike me for long as I'm just too damn charming, sorry @Eevin

No, he hates you still, he's just gotten better at hiding it.


I think he's up to something with Goffe, what with the merger coming up, and I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with toying with your affections before betraying you.


This game is so much fun.

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A comment about Base Guardians: They are able to submit predictions for the weekend, but will NOT receive automatic immunity if they get the team's high score, balancing out fairness from this week.


@4815162342, @chasmmi, @aabattery, and @CoolEric258: Second immunity predictions are due tonight at midnight (along with any relevant tuck shop item purchases/uses), and votes are due by 4PM tomorrow. Eric is immune. The rest of you aren't.

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Tribal Council: The Sadbens


Spaghetti: Sadbens.....one of you is going home tonight, and let me tell you. All of you are worthy players. Meaning? This ceremony is going to hurt. CoolEric258 is immune. The rest of you have hopefully made second immunity predictions and will be ready to go.


@4815162342 votes.

Numbers: Maybe Chas is an asset after all....but I still hate his guts. Hmm.....


@aabattery votes.

AABATTERY: Your streak of madness ends. NOW.


@chasmmi votes.

Chasmmi: I hardly believe this is necessary.


@CoolEric258 votes.

*CoolEric just sobs over the loss of FrankenJJ*


Spaghetti: Very well. The votes have been cast. CoolEric258 is safe. But this is a bit of a special elimination ceremony. I will not be reading the votes. Instead, I will just jump to the chase.


AABATTERY recieved the most votes.

AABATTERY: What?! no way?


Spaghetti: No way indeed. You were the only person to predict in second immunity. You are safe.


AABATTERY: Wait, really? Huh. Well, I'm rooting for you Numbers!

Spaghetti: I'll say....either Numbers or Chasmmi is going home tonight. Good vs. Evil. Who is going to leave in the most shocking elimination ceremony ever?

Chasmmi: Oh please, it's hardly a shock to me.

AABATTERY: Wait, what are you talking about?

Numbers: Voting yourself out from guilt for what you've done? I appreciate your service, and ---



Chasmmi: Actually....I have diplomatic immunity. And you have the complete opposite.


Image result for poisoned apple


Numbers: What the fuck is that?

Chasmmi: About a month ago, I won this poisoned apple in a flash fight. Meaning, my vote is the sole indicator of victory, and that I am immune.

Numbers: So that means.....no!

Chasmmi: Goodbye Numbers. It was a pleasure working on a team with you.

*AABATTERY and CoolEric258 gasp in horror*

Numbers: You bastard! I....I....know when the fight is lost. I'll pack my bags.

AABATTERY: Numbers, wait! ....Thanks for standing up to Chasmmi. I'll continue the fight for you.

Chasmmi: I'm right here, idiot.

Numbers: Forget him. You've got a lot of spunk, kid. Don't let the bad guy win. Lord knows we have enough of them gone already.


*Goffe rushes in*

Goffe: Numbers, wait. I heard what happened. I'm....I'm sorry. I just wanted to tell you everything that happened, I still think you're my number one. I've just been so focused on this competition, I wanted to win for both of us. Now....I don't know.

Numbers: I do. You're a great person Goffe. Maybe the spark just vashined. But know that no matter what happens, I'm still in your corner.

Goffe: Thank you.....goodbye. *He begins to sob uncontrollably after 4815162342 leaves.*











*As Goffe cries, AABATTERY comes over to put his hand on Goffe's shoulder. They sit together.*

*Wrath tries to talk to WrathOfHan. WrathOfHan refuses, shutting his cabin door.*

*YourMother looks at DAJK longingly while he does some sudoku. YourMother tries to say something, but can't muster up the confidence.*

*That One Guy looks at pictures of his friends, realizing just how much he misses them.*

*Eevin is asleep, Arlborn looks at him, feeling confused and uneasy, perhaps somewhat guilty.*

*Elcaballero runs around the island, passing out from exhaustion.*

*CoolEric258 digs a grave for FrankenJJ*

*Chasmmi smiles coldly while looking at Goffe and AABATTERY.*


CONFESSIONAL - Numbers: I was shocked to be leaving the game, and it hurts. It really does. I thought I had really good relations with everyone, especially Goffe. I just hope wherever I go, he's still there. I'll be rooting for him from the sidelines. I still believe in him. I just wish I knew what he thought. It's so much easier to see the world in black and white. I don't know what to do 



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Spaghetti: You additionally have decided your team's base guardians for this week! The following people do not have to predict this week, and will not be counted in both the team averages and the potential elimination.


Spaghetti: For the FLYING COUGARS, your guardian is....




Spaghetti: For the KITSCHJOBS, your guardian is....




Spaghetti: And the final Guardian, serving for the SADBENS, is....




Spaghetti: Just to reiterate, the following three people are safe this week, except in the case of Tribal Council for the following week. Weekend Predictions and Flash Fights are due tonight at 11:59PM EST!!!


The following people are safe and do not have to predict:


The following people are NOT safe and absolutely must predict to stay safe!


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