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SOTM 13 - The final SOTM is a Labour of Love

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We have one final SOTM, and it's another simple one so that all our brains can slowly shut down for the month of September. 


Simply, State any film or films that you believe will have a Labour Day weekend increase from its previous weekend (3 day to 3 day). You can write up to 7 films.


A film must make at least $100,000 over its 3 day weekend to qualify. If it doesn't then the choice will be voided regardless of whether it increased or decreased. 




Chosen film increases - 10,000 points

Chosen film increases by more than 50%- 15,000 points

Chosen film increases by more than 100% - 25,000 points

Chosen film increases by more than 200% - 40,000 points


Film does not increase - Lose 30,000 points


Abstain for 2,000 points


No prediction is just zeros. 


Deadline is the usual Thursday this weekend, (24th, 11:59pm)

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