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Winter Game SOTM 13 - Give it up for the little guy... Deadline Thursday 15th 11:59pm

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So, here is a list of the Wide releases left to er... release, that are not expected to challenge for the top 15:


Early Man



Every Day

Game Night

Death Wish

Red Sparrow


Predict the order of their total Domestic grosses by Monday March 5th and what each film will gross. (The same as the standard preseason predicting system.)




For every film in the correct place: 15,000 points

For every film wrong by one position: 3,000 points 

For every film wrong by more than one position: Minus 10,000 points


For every gross correct to within $5M: 15,000 points

For every gross correct to within $10M: 8,000 points

For every gross correct to within $20M: 0 points

For every gross incorrect by more than $20M:  Minus 12,000 points


If film is in the correct place and within $5M, score a bonus 10,000 points


You can score gross points even if your position prediction is incorrect.


Abstain for 4,000 points


Deadline is February 15th at 11:59 pm


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