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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 8 - And Then There Were Nun

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Keanu: So...guess we're on new teams. I'll....try not to be too competitive.

Sheikh: It was fun getting to know you, I guess. But....no. I should focus. I'm sorry.

Keanu: Don't be...maybe we'll both make it to the mer.....what's happening?


*Suddenly, the remaining 12 contestants are turned into puppets.*


WrathOfHan: The hell is going on?

Wondyful: I knew Spaghetti was a no good bastard!

Spaghetti: It's all good. Your puppet shape makes this next obstacle course easier. Pavilions are at the end of a muddy trail, a tower course with ropes, and after a large ravine you'd want to avoid.

Chasmmi: How deep is this ravine, exactly?

Rorscach: I'm not particularly interested in finding out.


CONFESSIONAL - Chasmmi: Oh god....did I make a mistake? ZeeSoh was starting to feel for me...no. I need to stay focused.


Slambros: Okay. I'll take the ravine challenge with Chasmmi. Keanu and Rorschach take the ropes. Claire and Wondyful lead with the mud.

Claire: Excuse me? I may be a puppet, but I won't mess up my looks for no reason.

Rorschach: You get to interrogate Wondyful after your song *Whispers to Claire*

Claire: Fair point.

Chasmmi: Anyway, who made you captain?

Slambros: I won and picked all of you. Don't try my patience.

Keanu: Relax, Slam. We need to win this as a team.

Slambros: Slam, huh. I like it! My sweet - 

Claire: Okay, let's go!


CONFESSIONAL - Keanu: Picking me on a different team as Sheikh and now this? Is the survival going to his head or something?


DAJK: Okay, so....I don't mind getting muddy.

Baumer: I'll take the course too. I need to confer with someone.

Empire: The hell you talking about? I guess I'll do ropes. Wanna come, Wrath?

WrathOfHan: Sure, just don't turn into a trampoline.

Empire: That was just a hallucination!

WrathOfHan: Glad we split the teams up. No offense , YourMother.

YourMother: None taken. So are we on  the ravine, Sheikh?

Sheikh: Let's get to work.


PART 1: The contestants navigate a muddy course. Almost drowning in the mud.


Claire: We need to keep moving. But first. Wondyful. What are you and baumer doing?

Wondyful: He's not even on the same team! It won't happen anymore.

Claire: What won't happen?!

Wondyful: We may be falling in love. Why are you so obsessed?

Claire: Because you'll end up giving him our secrets. And that's in the best case.

Wondyful: You need to relax.

Baumer: Oh, hey. We need to talk.

Claire: Like hell you do.

*Suddenly, Claire and Baumer fight in the mud, while Wondyful slouches through, embarrassed for her team.*

DAJK: And this is why I try to stay out of drama. Almost....made....*He slides back to the start* Shit!


PART 2: The playground tower with ropes.


Keanu: Okay, grab this flag, do this, I'm actually having a blast. Just gotta take my mind off all the craziness. No big.

Rorschach: Oh, hey...so....forget about all the secret society stuff, right?

Empire: What secret society?

Rorschach: Uh....never mind. Wait up Keanu! I'm coming!

Keanu: Told you I was good at this.

WrathOfHan: Look....I think Slambros' team is cursed. I could use some help into the merge. Empire....an alliance?

Empire: Last time, that turned out well. Oh wait.

WrathOfHan: Trust me. Things....feel weird after I came back. I feel like I gotta stick with someone, and you seem pretty sane. What say you?

Empire: Sure.


PART 3: The ravine with a climbing wall.


Slambros: How the heck do we avoid this?

Chasmmi: I think we have to go in. There could be important clues inside.

Slambros: Of course! Reverse psychology. I'm going in! *He slides down*

Chasmmi: And that's how we get rid of a curse. *He side steps the ravine.*

YourMother: Oh, hey Slambros.

Sheihk: We may have to climb all the way up.

YourMother: We're making good headway, just be sure to step on the red rocks, those are the most secure.

Slambros: You...you stole her from me!

Sheikh: Oh crap. *He climbs faster.*

YourMother: This isn't really a good idea.

Sheikh: It is. I feel more motivated this way. We're almost at the top.

YourMother: Guess I'm not one to argue with that.


Keanu: We made it! Wait...why did we have to be puppets?

Spaghetti: Why not?







@chasmmi - 82.94%

@Keanu - 80.16%

@captainwondyful - 79.88%

@Rorschach - 76.49%

@Slambros - 73.28%

@Claire of Themyscira - 71.74%

AVERAGE: 77.42%



@Sheikh - 86.54%

@YourMother the Edgelord - 81.30%

@baumer - 79.84%

@DAJK - 79.05%

@WrathOfHan - 71.37%

@Empire - 69.88%

AVERAGE: 78.00%



It was a doozy, but the Gods of Numbers are victorious! The Battle Angles must go to Tribal Council and vote someone off. This is their second immunity challenge:


Predict the Wednesday numbers of the following by Wednesday at 11:59PM EST.

The Happytime Murders






Moreover, the weekend challenge will be a bit different. You will have two potential weekends to predict!


Weekend 1: September 7-9

The Nun (Thursday Previews)

The Nun (Sunday)

The Nun (3-day)

Peppermint (Saturday)

Peppermint (3-day)

God Bless The Broken Road (3-day)

Kin (3-day)

Searching (3-day)

Operation Finale (3-day)

A.X.L. (3-day)

Mile 22 (3-day)

Crazy Rich Asians (Friday)

Crazy Rich Asians (3-day)

Christopher Robin (3-day)

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (3-day)


Weekend 1: September 14-16

The Predator (Thursday Previews)

The Predator (Sunday)

The Predator (3-day)

White Boy Rick (Saturday)

White Boy Rick (3-day)

A Simple Favor (Friday)

A Simple Favor (3-day)

Unbroken: Path to Redemption (3-day)

The Nun (3-day)

Peppermint (3-day)

Operation Finale (3-day)

The Happytime Murders (3-day)

Crazy Rich Asians (3-day)

God Bless the Broken Road (3-day)

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (3-day)


You only need to predict ONE weekend! However, if you predict 2, your lowest score applies to a special flash fight, where you can gain a special prize. Predict neither weekend, and you are instantly eliminated.





Every week, a subset of items will be on sale at the tuck shop. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road! Here is everyone's current balance. If you are not listed, you have 0 coins.


The highest scoring member of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins. (5 COINS THIS WEEK!!!)


Current Balance

17: Sheikh

15: Baumer

11: Keanu, WrathOfHan

10: Claire, Chasmmi

8: CaptainWondyful, YourMother, DAJK

5: Empire

3: Rorschach


CANDY APPLE - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 2%.)

RECYCLED PAD - 5 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

POISON APPLE - 8 Coins (Reduces 2% from the score of another player - CAN BE USED FOR SECOND IMMUNITY OR WEEKEND CHALLENGES.)

COPY MACHINE - 10 Coins (Allows you to take the score of ANY player in the game for a weekend challenge.)



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Tribal Council #5


Perhaps Slambros really is cursed. I'm in a crunch for time, but let's get this done. We've got key cards ready and loaded.





The first card, of course, goes to @chasmmi


The first ACTUAL card, for players who may not otherwise be safe, goes to @captainwondyful


@Keanu can stop worrying. She's safe.


The curse is unaffected, cause so is @Slambros


So, @Claire of Themyscira and @Rorschach. One got two votes. The other three. One also won second immunity. So going home is....




Rorschach: Well, I suppose my time has come. I just need to take care of one last thing before I go.

CaptainWondyful: Let me guess, want to talk to your mother?

Rorscach I suppose my mom misses me.

Keanu: Wait....how did you know?

Rorscach: Perhaps quite literally....my people need me. Farewell.







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Well I've never been good at weekday challenges so that was kinda expected. 


1 hour ago, Slambros said:



It'd really sad to see you go, @Rorschach. I'm going to make sure to help carry the torch for the team! Thank you for playing the game with us!

I know. I'm pretty bummed too. But hey, I never thought I'd get this far so I'm not complaining. Hopefully I can participate next season. Hopefully.

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