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The Farewell l A24 l Awkwafina l RBG-approved

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A24 is near to closing on what sources said is a $6 milion deal for worldwide rights excluding China on The Farewell, the Lulu Wang-directed comedy that stars Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, and Diana Lin.


A Chinese family discovers that their beloved grandmother has a short time to live. They don’t tell her, but instead stage a wedding so the family can gather before she expires. The film has been a buzz titles since it premiered Friday at Eccles. It is in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category.


What buyers were saying is that while there are subtitles in the film, and it is not as glossy as Crazy Rich Asians, it is similar to that film in that it tells a genuine story infused in Chinese culture. Wang wrote the script and based it on an event that actually happened in her own life.


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That looks fantastic!


I can identify so much with the East “One’s life doesn’t belong to oneself” mentality, not just in death but in every aspects of life really.


On 5/3/2019 at 8:58 PM, CoolEric258 said:


Lmao at Ehrlich: “It cleared my skin and did my taxes”  

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interesting enough this movie is the first I've seen since rotten tomatoes new audience score system where there is a reasonably sized difference between the verified audience score and all audience score. Granted there are less than 100 votes so it probably doesn't statically matter in the long run but the verified audience score is 97% and the all audience score is 86% 


Before this the biggest difference was MIB:I 66% verified audience score 60% all audience score 

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Watched this as part of the NZIFF a little while ago and this is easily my favourite film of the year, hope it makes a bunch of bank for A24, Lulu Wang, Akwafina and everyone else involved. Good to see it’s had a solid start with its limited release in the domestic market so far. 


Also real hopes this gets some awards noms, never have I watched a live-action film weave humour and despair together so beautifully. Akwafina deserves all the praise as well, she did great in comedic roles but didn’t know if she had the chops to nail a dramatic role but she really blew me away, will definitely have her and the director Lulu Wang on my radar for their future projects. 

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On 7/14/2019 at 11:06 AM, gadd said:

For any UK based users, this has a release date of October 11th according to the fairly reliable Launching Films release calendar.

Forget this, it's now been bumped UP to September 20th.

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