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Alita: Battle Angel

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3 hours ago, Rthanos said:



International reporting isn't Fri-Sun, its the  total for however many days a territories normal reports (ie 2 days,3 days, 4 days , 5 days..4 days figures(Thu-Sun) is most common  ). If its a territory's opening weekend then its the normal weekend figure for that territory   + any previews ,this is regardless of how a territory reports locally (e,g without previews included in opening weekend. UK for example actually report previews in Opening weekend)

Yeah, right. That's what I said.

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The holdover markets accounted for 13.8m assuming China & Japan contributed 63m & 3.2m respectively during the course of the weekend.


Last weekend was 56.8m so the weekend drop is 75.7% so that doesn't sound great.

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So what kind of final total are we looking at??


OS total will be in and around 115m as on 21/02/2019 as per Deadline. 80m during the weekend gets the total to 195m. Let's say Alita reaches 2.5x multi in China so that's close to 95m more from the Middle Kingdom. I'm thinking 20m final total from Japan (arbitrary since I have zero clue about Japan's BO mechanics) so that means we can expect around 17m more from there. 2.5x off of this weekend from the rest of the world adds close to 35m to the foreign total.


The final OS cume looks something like (195+95+17+35) = 342m. Nao this is an extremely optimistic scenario atm since WoM in China doesn't seem that strong to reach 135m+ while I'm also being very generous with the ROW multiplier because Captain Marvel is bound to cripple the legs in two weeks time. At any rate, 310m still looks doable so that's the target.

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5 minutes ago, TimmyRiggins said:

That drop makes no sense if accurate. The hell? Or it's reached the entirety of its audience. Hoping it hits at least 400 M WW

I think it's because of early release in most of Asia and the horrible performance in Latin America. I still have it reaching 400 mil (or almost making it). Right now, I think the worst case scenario is 365 mil and the best case is 425 mil. A decrease from the 470-500 mil predictions on OW but still a lot better than 300 mil predictions made by skeptics early on.

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