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If you could be a race from LOTR what would you be


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  1. 1. What race from LOTR would you be?

    • Dwarf
    • Elf
    • Hobbit
    • Man
    • Wizard
    • Meh I rather be a ugly old Orc

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elf, after all i'm arwen undomiel evening star of her people,the princess of elves! my father is lord elrond, my grandmother is galadriel, i have a few brothers but they're just extras who don't talk, my husband is aragorn son of arathorn king of gondor he's hot :)

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After thinking about it, I'd rather be just a regular human. I couldn't imagine living forever, or not getting cold or hot. But, then I wouldn't mind being a half elven, half human. Nice to have the superior sight and hearing and skills, but still have that mortality about me.

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