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charlie Jatinder

Indian films in USA.

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All Time Highest Grossers


1. Baahubali: The Conclusion: $22 million approx

2. Dangal: $12.392 million

3. Padmaavat: $12.165 million

4. P.K.: $10.652 million

5. Baahubali: The Beginning: $8.75 million approx

6. Bajrangi Bhaijaan: $8.187 million

7. Dhoom 3: $8.14 million

8. Sanju: $7.91 million

9. Bajirao Mastani: $6.599 million

10. 3 Idiots: $6.533 million

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16 minutes ago, Minnale101 said:

Not 1 SRK movie in top 10. That’s surprising I must say. He’s pretty huge here in Canada 

He's pretty huge everywhere, just doing shitty films from last 5 years. His last decent word of mouth film did $5.4mn in 2013, which was 2nd Highest that time.

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7 hours ago, marveldcfox said:

Blind khan fan


John Abraham in Dhoom >>>> (hrithik + aamir in D2 and D2)

Not only John but Dhoom 1 is miles ahead of both Dhoom 2 & Dhoom 3. 


Dhoom 1 was proper movie from start to finish, Dhoom  2 just had good first half whereas a horrible second half. Dhoom 3 was was overall better than Dhoom 2 as a whole despite Aamir being worst Dhoom lead.

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