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2020 - 1B movies

2020 - 1B movies  

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  1. 1. 2020 - 1B movies

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Just now, Alli said:

Really? Not even WW1984? I feel that is a sure bet

If I listed predictions for each of those films, none would be over 1B.

That being said I am sure one or two will exceed my expectations and go over 1B. I'm not saying there'll be no 1B in 2020, there will be,  but I am not choosing any particular movie.

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1 minute ago, darthdevidem01 said:

What a boring year it will be


WW2 and FF9 are the only shoe ins

With Hobbs & Shaw dropping so significantly so steeply from F8, and dwayne johnson not being in it, i feel like ff9 is really not a shoe in.

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1 minute ago, Alli said:

DUNE could have been a legit contender if they didn't fuck up the lead casting.  Still, the book is a hit that spans generation of readers. Could surprise

Dune has a perfect cast. Chalamet. Skarsgard. MY MAN.

Gonna be best film 2020 tbh.

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I think WW and Mulan have the biggest chance. Honestly, it will be good to have the riches more evenly distributed. Maybe smaller films or riskier projects like Dune will have more of a chance to break out. 2019 so far feels very unevetful in terms of BO surprises.

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Damn next year is garbage. But perhaps people will finally stop complaining about Disney MONOPOLY lol. I can already see meltdowns next year about how Disney+ and other streaming services killed cinema. 


Anyways I think these have a good shot

1. FF9   - I don't see this doing less than 1 billion. 

2. Mulan - If it smashes in China its happening. We shall see

3. Bond - It's a long shot but since there's not many interesting movies coming I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. 



Black Widow and Eternals scream 600-800 million grossers... Sadly 

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