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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG | 160.7M Overseas ● 306.5M Worldwide

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Deadline: Leading the charge on the Hedgehog was Mexico with $6.7M from 895 locations, followed by the UK with $6.2M from 616, France’s $4.3M at 622, Germany’s $3.3M from 475 and Brazil’s $3M from 629. Sonic still has Russia and Japan to come while the China release has been shelved for the moment owing to the coronavirus epidemic.


Other openings: Australia ($2.8M), Spain ($2M), Italy ($1.9M), Ukraine ($1M) and Colombia ($1M).


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1 hour ago, John Marston said:

Not great. Domestic over overseas happening 


It's important getting a good domestic performance. Regarding Sonic's domestic performance, it's going to be good for a VG movie. 


Overseas numbers aren't bad, considering that the movie still has some markets to get released. Deadline said movie has been released in 40 markets. 43 million from 40 markets isn't bad at all. This movie doesn't even have China to boost its overseas grosses.

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1 hour ago, Minnale101 said:

Yeah true but obviously Pokemon is exception in japan. The brand is huge but it still only did 27 Million


sonic probably will do 10-15 million  

I'd be surprised if it turned into a massive hit, but something around 30M like Pikachu or the 2014 Godzilla is possible.

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