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Eric Atreides

A Haunting in Venice | September 15, 2023 | Branagh's moustache is back at it again!

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I think this is worth a punt. Much less flashy than MotOE and DotN. Halloween setting will lend itself to an October release. Non-cursed cast... *knocks wood*.


The book isn't one of Christie's best, but there's scope to improve and it's really quite meanspirited and nasty in a way that makes it stand out.


I'm guessing DotN did well on VoD.

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19 minutes ago, CJohn said:

They should have gotten some stars that can draw an older audience since that is their target anyway.


I assume this will likely be a Hulu Original.

Variety says this is getting a theatrical release. The 2023 untitled options are August 25, October 14, December 8, and December 22. Maybe one of the December options to get those holiday legs?


I also think the big cast members are solid enough names that will make at least a few people my parents' age go "ooh". Yeoh especially, since she's got that EEAAO goodwill.


EDIT: Oh @ddddeeee, this is Halloween-themed? Yeah, then this is probably getting the October 14 date next year.

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Michelle Yeoh is certainly getting some work isn't she? Good for her. I never saw Death on the Nile but it felt like it just came and went rather quickly, the cast for that movie was kind of so-so anyway. This cast for this one seems a bit more low key but hopefully thats turns out for the best. I don't think that all murder mysteries need a huge recognizable cast to be good/great.

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The 20th Century division is not completely dead outside of Avatar (and I guess Apes) after all!


Nile was an improvement over Orient Express (even if it was still only alright) so I guess I'm down for a third movie. I'm guessing Disney was happy with the former's overall performance considering it came out at a time when adult moviegoers still hadn't fully returned to theaters yet.

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Easily some of the most surprising movie news of the year so far. Death on the Nile didn't do all that well, so color me shocked Disney's Fox would actually not only greenlight another, but also give it a theatrical release instead of just dumping it on Hulu like they do with most Fox movies now.

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