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The Magnificent Seven | 9/23/16 | Reviews coming in - not exactly Magnificent

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There`s no freakin way that those A listers will be in a Cruise movie. Any movie with Cruise must give best scenes and lines to Cruise. That`s a common knowledge. You really think JGL would fight in low gravity in Inception if Cruise was the lead? Yeah, me neither. It`s not knocking on him, just how Cruise brand works. He`s the old-fashioned movie star.If you put Brad, Matt or Leo in his place, than, yeah, you can expect other cast members will shine too.Now, who`s gonna play the female Magnificent? You know that shit is happening.
We have possibly Damon in a role and he is a draw. The only A listers that would out shine him are Pitt and Crowe. The other choices are not as big as Damon, yet but are really good actors. Edited by Neo
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MI:GP and RoA showed you that Cruise can work in an ensemble piece. This seems like an intriguing project.

Sure, but who`s climbing Dubai Tower and who`s playing show-stealing rock star? It isn`t that he can`t be in an ensamble just that he always gets the best. By far the best.
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