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WORLD WAR Z: $WORLD WAR Z: $335M Overseas Total / $535.9M Global Total

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WWZ opened the past weekend in Israel so here is a comparison with some other big summer action films:


Transformers 3: 471K

WWZ: 365K

Inception: 355K

Inglorious Basterds: 259K


Multipliers from OW:


Transformers 3: X3.2 (1.49M)

Inception: X10.3 (3.67M)

Inglorious Basterds: X8.7 (2.26M)


WWZ legs should easily be better than T3, but Inception would be hard. If it has good WOM then Inglorious Basterds legs might be possible, in which case it would make a little over 3M.

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 France ($1.9M Weekend / $15.6M Cume), South Korea ($900k Weekend / $33.1M Cume), Mexico ($880k Weekend / $21.7M Cume), Germany ($800k Weekend / $16.1M Cume), and Brazil ($620k Weekend / $13.8M Cume).

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