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What Trailer did you see the most?

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Open Season was another film I remember seeing quite a bit, yet again another family film that I saw at just about everything.(Though nothing can beat how I saw Nemo at Matrix 2 and Up at Watchmen. Apparently someone said they saw NATM's trailer at Borat)I do remember how I saw Over the Hedge's trailer 3 times within 2 weeks, the odd part was though that each time it was a diffrent trailer.

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When the 2002 Spider-Man trailer hit the internet, I watched it repeatedly for weeks. Showing it to everyone who came near my apartment. Of course, I had been waiting on that film since I started following the legal issues surrounding it in 1990. So it was my most anticipated film of all time.

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The Dark Knight rises has been put in front of every single movie from Brave to Magic Mike at my theatre, needless to say, I've seen it many times, but at least they have 2 versions of the trailer, the Nokia one, and another one. And I swear it's everywhere before youtube.

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I don't remember seeing a movie without that putrid Total Recall trailer.

I've also seen the Total Recall trailer in front of a lot of movies this summer. The Bourne Legacy has been getting very frequent airtime at the movies I've gone to as well.
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