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Favorite Toy Story


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  1. 1. Favorite Toy Story film?

    • Toy Story
    • Toy Story 2
    • Toy Story 3

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This is one of the hardest answers to respond, each film has its classical touch and its own theatrical event, one was the first cgi film ever with an outstanding story, the second one was clearly a step up from the first film and the third one was a come back in form, with a beautiful and masterpiece end.


Right now, Im going with TS3, though my pixar ranking always tend to change

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It's close between the first two for me, but I lean toward the first on most days. The banter between Woody and Buzz has that something "extra" when they first meet.


But... TS2 might be the all-around "funniest" to me.

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besides Cars2, Toy Story is my least favorite Pixar movie, I don't know why. I just love the second TS and I think TS3 is one of the best movies ever, top5 Pixar.


TS3 A 9.5/10

TS2 B+ 8.5/10

TS C+ 6/10

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I liked the first two Toy Stories but didn't love them. They were actually some of my least favorite Pixar films. I absolutely loved Toy Story 3. I was going to college the next year and it really connected. The others lacked that connection and sense of looking back at my childhood that made the 3rd so brilliant.

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I voted TS1 because while I loved TS2 and TS3, I haven't seen TS3 nearly as many times as the other two, and as amazing as TS2 was, it mostly lacks the Woody/Buzz dynamic that was at the heart of TS1, so I can't call it SUPERIOR. (I can make the same argument about many sequels to original/non-franchise films which some people say are "better than the original" - ESB, Aliens, T2, etc. Some major dynamic or element is always either absent, or lacking, or not handled as well, and that element always seems to be the thing I like most about the original - e.g., the wide-eyed adventure of Star Wars, or the raw horror of Alien and T1. So at best, these sequels are AS good as their predecessors.)No slight on TS2 or TS3, but IMO TS1 wins out.

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