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Sea of Trees (Van Sant/McConaughey/Watanabe) Sea of Boos at Cannes

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I take it ya'll were too overcome by the inevitable amazingness of this movie to start a thread.




'The script, by Chris Sparling (Buried) centers on an American man (McConaughey) and a Japanese man (Watanabe) who meet in the Japan's infamous "Suicide Forest," where people go to commit suicide. But instead of killing themselves, the duo embark on a reflective journey through the forest together.'


The script was on the 2013 blacklist.

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Sounds a bit like that Nick Hornby novel A Long Way Down (which was also recently made into a movie) where a bunch of strangers meet at a British suicide hotspot and decide to live a little longer.


But hey, it's McConaughey so I'm obviously going to see it.

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