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Harry Potter and the Oscars ....

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Never won one.

I'm bringing the significant lack of acknowledgement from the academy up again because I read this article on deadline and some big names seem to agree.


JEFF ROBINOV, PRESIDENT OF WARNER BROS (You woud expect him to say it, but still counts for something)

ROBINOV: “I think the quality of Harry Potter films has been somewhat discounted. Especially the last one. It feels like the type of movie that traditionally would receive some Oscar attention. Also Inception was a very bold movie, yet it was not rewarded for risk-taking, I do think there is some bias against Hollywood and the resources that it has. Nice when a movie like Titanic actually gets what it deserves.”

WEINSTEIN: “Not only that we get to make some great movies and inspire other studios to finance some great movies instead of some of the movies that studios sometimes do. [Lots of laughs]. Harry Potter is a seminal franchise. I’m going to agree with Jeff: that franchise is not getting the respect that it should. An entire generation grew up into those films. For the young generation, it was a seminal experience saying goodbye to a franchise. [Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2] is as good as any movie that’s in competiton this year.”

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Warner forks out to make Oscar wild about Harry

HOLLYWOOD'S biggest studio is preparing to spend up to $US100 million ($98m) on a campaign to secure a string of Oscars for the final Harry Potter film at next February's Academy Awards.

Warner Bros has banked $7.6 billion from the eight films released since 2001. Now it wants the last of them, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2, to be recognised as a work of Hollywood art.

Billboards appeared across Los Angeles last week urging voters to consider the film and its stars as Oscar contenders.

Giant images of Daniel Radcliffe, the 22-year-old who has grown up on screen as the eponymous wizard, are accompanied by critical praise in an attempt to project him as the leading contender in the best actor category.

When the finale was released last summer, the Los Angeles Times described Radcliffe's acting as "extraordinary yet easy to take for granted: his Harry will be missed by generations".

Sceptics, however, suggested that Radcliffe, like his co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who are not highlighted in the Warner Bros campaign, was a child actor who got lucky and was carried by the enormous fan base for J.K. Rowling's books.

Warner Bros is also heavily promoting Ralph Fiennes, who plays Potter's nemesis, Voldemort, for best supporting actor.

This has caused tension at Warner's headquarters, where some senior executives preferred Alan Rickman -- the schoolmaster Severus Snape -- for best supporting actor. "In this last film Rickman is not only powerful but also touching, as his truly heroic sacrifice is revealed," says a former executive. "And, unlike Fiennes, Rickman doesn't need a computer-generated face to do it."

Academy voters traditionally favour biographical films over fantasies and comedies. But the Warner Bros marketing team points to the 11 Oscars awarded for the final chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in 2003.

Jeff Robinov, the company's film group president, says the climax of the saga was "a testament to great filmmaking".

Nominations are due to be announced next month.

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Ten words:James Cameron & Highest Grossing Movie of All-Time:P

Yeah forget their excessive drooling after seen the green papers this and Titanic made. I think what's hurting the chances of DH2 was that there were too many movies in the series and the academy just went into the voting process with pre-determined Judgement that this movies are the same and if we haven't given any major win to the others, why would this be any different. I would never forgive the academy for stealing from Nolan 2x times for the BD nom.
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