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Jason Bourne | 7.29.2016 | One week IMAX release on August 26 thanks to Ben Hur flopping

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Freshman Year of College for me, lol. Biggie was actually planning it to be a Triple Album before his death.  But he didn't have as much material left behind.  But I love the titles of his albums, very spiritual:


Ready To Die

Life After Death

Born Again


If you think about it "Bourne Again" would be a good title, I like that title. 

Especially how the last one ended.

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I said this in the other "Legacy II" thread.  Matt box office hasn't been that hot since "Ultimatum".  I think he really thought about it and realized why not come back.  I also think he was dead serious about not doing another film unless Paul was involved.  I don't know what the drama was with Gilroy but it seems it was Paul or nothing for Matt.  I guess with Jeremy they could have a "Legacy" trilogy that follows Cross's and his further pill poppin adventures, lol .

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