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INSIDE OUT | 501.1 M overseas | 857.6 M worldwide

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Inside Out became the highest grossing Disney Animation/Pixar opener of all time in Italy last weekend and stayed on course in the latest frame, dropping 9% for a $6.1 million hold and reaching a $15.6 million cume in the market. The film pulled in a total of $8 million from 34 territories. Inside Out is now up to $421 million overseas and $774.4 million worldwide. Top markets include the UK ($58.6M), South Korea ($32.9M), Japan ($32.5M), and Mexico ($31.1M). The film expands to its final two major territories in the coming weeks: Germany on October 1 and China on October 6.

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After collecting a much better than expected $9.3M (up from the estimate of $8M) this past weekend from 34 markets, the new international cume is a final $422.4M with a new worldwide total of $775.9M. Its best performing territory outside of North America continues to be the U.K. which has a new tally of $58.9M after this weekend. The picture held very well in Italy where it dropped only 6% from last weekend for another $6.3M when it became the highest grossing Disney Animation/Pixar opening of all time here. It next opens in Germany on Oct. 1 and China on Oct. 6.

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$421M until now

$25M more from existing markets

$40M from Germany + Austria

$60M from China

ONA Total: $546M

Domestic Total: $354M

WW Total: $900M (lol, I didn't mean to make predictions that would add up to this number but they did)

So 900m is finally actually looking possible! That would be incredible!

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$900m for an original animated film is superb. It is something that only Frozen has done in a single run. Of course, adding re-releases (Lion King, Nemo) and adjusting for inflation, there are quite more films that have done it. But it is still very remarkable. And we must consider that the film is not exactly easy for children.

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Amazing Saturday at the italian Box office for Inside Out. With € 1.328.744 on its third saturday, and a total of € 16.992.246 (2.622.156 Admissions), it became the fifth most successful movie of the year in the Country. And today it might surpass Fast and Furious 7



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