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Become a Movie Insider! Join the Moviegoer Research Panel | Three 50$ gift cards to be won.

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Love going to the movies? Us Too! Want to help us make it even better?


Join the NCM Moviegoer's Research Panel "Behind the Screens


Click Here: https://www.btspanel.com/R.aspx?a=67&as=KS371yT3vU





And there’s something in it for you too – each time you participate in one of our activities you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes of $50 each. 


We'll also be reporting back to you what we learn, sharing industry news & film buzz and showing you how your involvement has made a difference to movie-goers across the country.


Join our exclusive online community of movie-goers and be part of the conversation!


We look forward to hearing from you!


-Chris & the Behind the Screens Team

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I just signed up as well.

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Yes, we run the "First Look" preshow before the trailers start at theaters. Thanks for joining the panel, we think you'll enjoy participating and sharing your moviegoing thoughts and opinions! Plus we've got some interesting feedback to share, as well as articles and prizes for you guys.

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