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Rogue One Box Office Challenge. Closes 12/14. Premium account(s) up for grab

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Hello fellow BO watchers, Star Wars fans and non-fans.  Rogue One is under a month away and I'm surprised to see there hasn't been a challenge like the other big releases this year. So to keep up with tradition..


A straightforward BO challenge:

-Enter your Opening Weekend, Domestic total, and Worldwide total prediction 

-Predictions must be up to the tenth decimal to reduce chances of ties

-If you have any updates please update your first post.

-Whoever's prediction is closest wins. Simple.

-Bonus/Tiebreaker:  opening day number.  



-1 year copper account for OW or DOM or WW

-Get 2 of 3, 1-year premium account 

-Get 3 of 3, 1-year gold account

-OD bonus reward is 1 month gold account

(Can someone PM me on how to gift accounts?  Haven't seen the option. Thanks.)


Challenge will close on Weds 12/14.  

I will post a prediction compilation occasionally so just let me know if I have it wrong.


Good luck and



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