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BLOODSHOT | March 13, 2020 | Sony | Coming to VOD March 24

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Sony and Valiant Find a Bloodshot Director


Now, Valiant Entertainment has revealed at their Emerald City Comic Con panel (via Bleeding Cool) that they’ve secured a new director for the adaptation with first time filmmaker Dave Wilson tapped to direct. Wilson worked with Deadpool director Tim Miller at Blur Studios, directing cinematics for video games including Halo 2, Mass Effect 2, and BioShock Infinite.



Created by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton, Bloodshot tells the story of a former soldier killed and brought back to life with technological upgrades, filling his body with billions of nanobots. This allows him to be the perfect soldier by healing from injuries, shapeshift, and even interact with technology.

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Vin Diesel in Talks to Star in Sony’s ‘Bloodshot’ Movie (Exclusive)


“Bloodshot” will be part of a five-film shared universe plan based on the Valiant comic books “Harbinger” and “Bloodshot”

The film will also reunite Diesel with “Fast and the Furious” mega-producer Neal Moritz, who is producing alongside Valiant’s Dinesh Shamdasani.

Dave Wilson, who is “Deadpool” director Tim Miller’s partner at Blur Studios, is attached to direct. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”) is writing the screenplay.

According to insiders, Sony and Wilson plan to follow in the footsteps of the recent success of “Logan” and “Deadpool” with an R-rated take on the comic adaptation that will be tonally and aesthetically influenced by high-concept, sci-fi blockbusters of the late ’80s including “Robocop,” “Terminator,” and “Total Recall.”



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We've seen from The Fate of the Furious (eight Fast film) that Vin Diesel can handle dramatic moments well. I feel like Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eric Heisserer will be able to work with him for sure. In other words, his script will carry the film.

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Vin Diesel has ZERO boxoffice draw at the domestic boxoffice. Fast franchise does not count. XXX made all that money overseas because the first movie is still fairly popular and it had an international star cast.


This will crash and burn like The Last Witch Hunter.



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Back in the days, Sony wanted a july 2016 release for this with a significant 25% lone star co-financier.


300m WW box office (110 dbo, 190 intl) being the target, budget a bit above 100m with a break even point evaluated at 76m dbo, 131.4m intl (207.5m WW).


The timing of that news (March 06 2017 with make a lot of sense with that March 07 announcement):



Probably very similar movie to have on your slate, prefer Bad Boys 3 but if not you can go with this.

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Sony's superhero output w/o Marvel's help isn't something I paid attention to after Spiderman 3 in the 00's...& I haven't heard good things about TASM line.


Perhaps it'll be, um...fine?


I have to believe now! Stan cred is on the line!

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