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BOT's TOP 100 Film Scores: The Threequel: COUNTDOWN COMPLETE! (#1 Page 36!)

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It's time for the countdown. First, the breakdown of how the rankings were done:
Films were sorted by their total points, from high to low. Ties were broken in the following ways:
First, by number of votes. If two films had 200 points, but Film A had 6 votes and Film B had 5, Film A would be ranked higher since it had support from more members.
If two films had the same point total and the same number of votes, I would look to their rankings in the Top 10 (#6-9), Top 5 (#2-5), or #1 placement. A Top 10 ranking would be worth 1 tiebreaker point, a Top 5 ranking 3, and a #1 ranking 6. Therefore, if Film A had two Top 10 Rankings and Film B had a single Top 5 ranking, Film A would have two tiebreaker points and Film B would have three, so Film B would be ranked higher.
With regards to how film scores will be posted in the countdown, I will post those Top 1/5/10 rankings separate positions. So if a film had one list in the Top 10, one in the Top 5, and one as #1, its post in the countdown would read as:
Top 10 Placements: 1
Top 5 Placements: 1
#1 Placements: 1
With those explanations out of the way, it's almost time to begin. The ten honorable mentions just outside the cut will be revealed this evening, followed shortly thereafter by the start of the countdown.

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I reckon I have about 20 films within which there is an outside shock of a Park Chan Wook film making it. 


Once we hit the 70s, I think the dream is dead. :(


Then I just sit back for the next 50 installments hoping that Back to the Future or Indy can pull off the miracle. 

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7 minutes ago, Ethan Hunt said:

Eh. Hoping my #1 placement might have been enough to push it onto the list


I'm not sure one top spot placement of it, is enough to get it into the top 100, especially when you were likely the only person who put it on their list. 

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