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Despicable Me 3 Gold Accounts Giveaway

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I decided to give a Gold account for the closest DM3 weekend predict and @baumerhas graciously agreed to give a second one for the second closest.


Predicts close at 5pm Pacific time today (Saturday)


I have noted the current predicts in this thread. If anyone wants to change, just add a new comment. Last predict counts.

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1 hour ago, BenedictL11 said:



1 hour ago, WrathOfHan said:



1 hour ago, Captain H said:



1 hour ago, Nova said:



1 hour ago, Napoleon said:



1 hour ago, Biggestgeekever said:



1 hour ago, titanic2187 said:



1 hour ago, John Marston said:






1 hour ago, damnitgeorge08 said:



1 hour ago, Brainbug said:




1 hour ago, Ethan Hunt said:



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48 minutes ago, Zakiyyah6 said:

81.58 million


45 minutes ago, cannastop said:



44 minutes ago, The Fast and the Furiosa said:



41 minutes ago, filmnerdjamie said:


Hmmm... $86M.


38 minutes ago, KeepItU25071906 said:

Hmmm... $78M.


3 minutes ago, expensiveho said:



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You know, cynically, I know it's likely to finish in the $80s...BUT, like WW and Baby Driver, I'm gonna choose some optimism for my picks (figuring families were traveling yesterday and now ready to hit movies all weekend - heat helps - it's HOT today:)...that way, I also leave the high schoolers with no money more likely to win this game:)...


So, in my current optimistic-but-not-completely-crazy scenario...

DM3 - $91.167M

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