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SOTM 12 - It's a perfect 10 - Deadline Thursday 17th 11:59

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Another nice simple one.


Predict the film that finishes 10th in the 3 day weekend chart for the final 3 weekends of the game. You must predict all three or nothing.




If your prediction finishes 10th: 40,000 point

Lose 20,000 points for every place you miss by so 9th/11th is 20k, 8th/12th is 0 points and so on.


If you get all three 10th places, score is bumped up to 150k total

If all three predictions are between 9th and 11th score a 15k bonus


Abstain is Minus 5000 Points

No Prediction is Minus 15,000 points


Deadline is the usual Thursday night deal.


Have fun.

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I realize there are some really smart cookies in this game, but how can you really truly know what will finish tenth next weekend and the weekend after. Even this weekend is tough because there are about three or four films that could actually finish there.


For that reason, I'm abstaining.


Then again, I have no chance of winning either.




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