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Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991)

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4 hours ago, BOOYAH SUCKAS said:

Arnolds highest grossing and arguably best movie, opened with second highest OW of all time and was the first movie to gross over 300m OS. Even today it lives on as one of the most iconic summer blockbusters. 

I had no clue it was the highest-grossing film overseas at the time until someone pointed that out to me a few years ago.

Really crazy to realize Cameron's international dominance dates back that far and was able to drive an R-rated movie to #1.

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Glad I got to watch this in cinema (last year), intro was jaw dropping on the big screen.


Sorta related... I'm excited for Tim Millers new Terminator. It's going back to hard sci fi.

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On 2017/10/21 at 12:23 AM, John Marston said:

definitely amazing. Also what is amazing is that it is the first movie that had a 100m budget. An R rated sequel to a film that made 38m! The studio must have had utmost confidence 


Arnold was in his absolute prime during that time. I think in the making of stuff of T2 home video Cameron said that the studio basically told him they would give it a go as long as he got Arnold in. I think it means basically the studio had a tougher time coming up with a paycheak big enough to satisfy Arnold, than worrying about the profitablity of the actual movie.

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I really really enjoyed this movie. To me this is like a Mad Max fury road of 1990s with some surprising emotional depth. The only issue I have is the way time worked in this universe. The timeline just doesn't make sense.    

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