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THE GREATEST SHOWMAN | 242.1 M overseas ● 414.2 M worldwide

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17 minutes ago, Tree Billboards said:

is that in wide release? shame if so. Hoped it might do as well as la la land.

Looks like it had about 22% of screens and opened to #2. Down to just 15% screens today. It does seem to have good WOM from what I've read.

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50 minutes ago, Mr Impossible said:
Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $137,475,172    47.3%
Foreign:  $153,006,607    52.7%

Worldwide:  $290,481,779  


$350M is probable, $400M is very doable it depends on Japan probably. They seem to like musicals there so that’s promising. What a success! 

350 is locked. will add 35-40 more dom if not more, after an ~8 weekend.

os it had a ~16 weekend. so current territories should bring in 45-50? (am assuming much better legs dom than os)

then there's japan where am guessing 10.


so 290.5 + 37.5 + 47.5 + 10 = 385.5

380-420 is my current range. it could go over Mummy's 409 odd in the 2017 charts.

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