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Eric Atreides

CinemaCon 2019 Discussion Thread l April 1-April 4 l Paramount (1 ET/10 PT) Lionsgate (5:15 ET/2:15 PT)

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One of the biggest movie expos of the year is about to arrive in Las Vegas with CinemaCon. Soon we'll get word about new footage, first looks, and potential new developments for a whole bunch of movies this year and next year. And while this year's slate doesn't seem all that exciting compared to the last few years, there should still be some things to wet our appetites in time for these movies and their official releases.


We're not going to get anything substantial until the second day of the con, but I just wanted to start this up early, just so we can talk about general stuff, as well as post some promotional material already circulating on the Internet.


Schedule (all PST, find your own timezone converter):

April 1: Neon/"Wild Rose" premiere (6-8:45 PM)

April 2: STX (9:15-11:45 AM), Warner Bros. (4-5:45 PM), screening of WB's Blinded by the Light (9-11 PM)

April 3: Universal (9:45-11:30 AM), Disney (3:30-5:30 PM), screening of Amazon's Late Night (7:45-9:45 PM)

April 4: Paramount (10-11:45 AM), Lionsgate w/ screening of Long Shot (2:15-4:45 PM)


Sony is not presenting this year.

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Blinded by the Light got raves out of Sundance. Didn't know WB picked it up, sounds more like Sing Street than anything that makes over $10m domestic. I'm assuming Fox is folded into Disney?

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Couple other things to note:


1. Could be wrong, but don't expect too much from Disney this year. Their 2017 presentation was very uneventful, since they had D23 this year. They do have two hours, so things could be different, but it's unlikely there will be much to chew on.


2. I'll get some posters and standees up in a bit. Just gotta copy-paste them.


3. I'm super miffed that Sony's not presenting. I don't even get why. Not just because there's one less studio to talk about, but I won't get to read tweets from yes-men bloggers and industry people praising Little Women and my little Chalabae. I'm like this close to flying over to LA to talk to Sony Pictures myself

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